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We are happy to announce several great updates to our clinic! read on to find out more.....

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We have just welcomed our latest addition to our clinical team and he has hit the ground running!

Callum Jackson has an outstanding background in hearing aid audiology from working at the ground breaking Yorkhill Hospital for Sick Children, and also the worlds leading hearing aid manufacturer GN ReSound.

He is passionate about his practice and the patients have been extremely impressed not just with his bedside manner but his deep technical expertise!

We are sure you'll love him and he will be more than happy to see you if you pop in to our Bath Street Clinic!

The SOUND LOUNGE experience! unique to Scotland!

Delve into a wonderful new world of sound at our newly kitted out hearing clinics.

How do you know exactly how well your new devices will perform in the most challenging environments.... simple, you have to visit them and assess for yourself. what if you cant manage to get to your favourite restaurant easily..... bring it indoors to the sound lounge and we will check and adjust your devices to their peak performance.

The feedback has been exceptional. We often fine tune and adjust many patients’ systems and the changes are often startling. Come and experience The Sound Lounge, it's available to anyone and is, as always, FREE for our "hear for life" patients to have their hearing and system expertly calibrated.

For a FREE assessment and of your existing system, or to experience the incredible new technology available now call our team on 0333 320 7788 To take advantage of Scotland’s first Sound Lounge!

Hearing Map

Does your hearing map match reality?

Hearing Map

Imagine that you are in the middle of a city that you have never been to before and looking to get to the train station.

You are standing there with no idea where to go and no information on how to get there. Then, all of a sudden somebody hands you a map and points to a street name that looks like yours.

Problem solved? Nope!

The map is for another city, but this is not clearly marked and the street name you are on just happens to match the one on the map.

There you go, following the map as best you can to get to the train station, but you are utterly confused as to why you cannot get back to the train station so you can get home.

You are confused because the information that you were led to believe doesn't coincide with reality.

The reality is that you are lost. You need the help and direction from someone who knows the city well and can lead you to your destination without a hitch.

This analogy represents a truth that many people face; they don't know what level of hearing that they have got.

They have the symptoms of hearing loss:

  • Television is up too loud
  • They often ask friends and family to repeat
  • They 'zone-out' of conversations

And as a result, they are lost in a foreign city and don't reach the destination that has life, energy and vibrance; the destination is of course, the joy and happiness that comes from having a deep connection with those around them.

How to grab a hold of your own map and follow it home?

The first thing you need to do is accept that even though that first street matches where you were standing, the map you are holding may, in fact, not be correct.

After you have accepted this, you can feel comfortable enough to venture out and ask one of the people in the city who can help you (In this analogy, we can be your tourist information centre).

Your personalised hearing map

By getting a new hearing map. A new path and journey planned out, you can feel calm and more relaxed in your journey. You might even get to know a few things in the process too.

Don't get lost. Ask us, your hearing information centre for a helping hand and we'll be there for you all the way.

Give us a call on 0333 320 7788 to get your personalised hearing journey plan

Depression Awareness Week - Sufferer voices their encouragement for those with hearing loss

Depression Awareness Week

The link between the symptoms connected with hearing loss and depression have never been more apparent.

A bold statement, but one for which I am absolutely certain. Certain because I know both categories intimately.

My story

Over the past 9 years, I have suffered from intermittent bouts of depression and have only in the past month accepted that I need help. Why these bouts come about are a mystery to me.

I have my own apartment that I share with someone I very much love. I earn my keep doing something which I have always wanted to do and work with very friendly amicable people. My family regularly contacts me and sends their love too.

You suffer from depression?

To an outsider, it would be easy to question why I get so low. And the answer is that I do too.

Nonetheless, the sensation of isolation is ever present. There is a weight on my shoulders that is ever so heavy that nothing can be done at times than shed tears to release the feelings.

I do have a number of coping strategies that I use to ensure that I can continue marching on each day: keeping busy works, forced smiling works and making jokes with others around tends to keep me afloat, but deep down the chain latch continues to pull me down if I allow it a single opportunity to subdue me.

Similar symptoms to hearing loss

In a similar manner though, I have had the chance to learn about symptoms that come hand in hand with hearing loss whilst working at The Hearing Clinic. And, they aren't too dissimilar from those that I face myself:

  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Sadness
  • Difficulty communicating with those around me
  • Feelings of helplessness and emptiness

Knowing what I know now and the ability of our Audiologists to solve these problems straight away for our patients is something that I wish I could obtain. Unfortunately though, I do not have a hearing loss that can be helped with technology.


I have accepted where I am and made the decision to go to the psychotherapist for cognitive behaviour therapy treatment, a process that will likely last months and help me take control of the depression that shadows me.

For the hearing loss sufferers though, I would urge you to join me in accepting your symptoms and consider looking to get a full diagnostic of your hearing levels so that you can see if you have the opportunity to resolve yourself of the emotional turmoil that accompanies it through technology.

Our hearing centres can be seen here if you would like to begin your journey.

I hope that this article has raised awareness those people suffering from depression or hearing loss to seek help in changing their lives for the better.

Thank you for reading. If this has been useful for you, please consider sharing it for others so that more people can get involved in Depression Awareness Week and get help.

Secret to better hearing

Have you heard about the best kept secret in hearing?

Secret to better hearing

Before you go any further, let me tell you - if you are interested in learning more about your hearing, then this is undoubtedly the most important read you could possibly have.

You might have read a post I wrote last week about my trip to Texas and how I explored the latest and greatest audiology practices from around the world. Over the long weekend, I was having a think about the new methods that I had learned to help people with their hearing...

I was thinking "by fine tuning my approach, I can do even more now to get people hearing at their very best."

But, then it occurred to me that there was something much bigger that could be done.

And, of course that has to be to tell you about the best kept secret in hearing.

The best kept secret in hearing

The one thing that every audiologist treasures. Every patient, that when they find it, they are blown away by.

This is something that you absolutely must have if you are to get to the next crucial step in your hearing journey.

And, when I tell you, I am confident that you will be pretty surprised to hear that it is an extremely simple thing to do.

"Tell me the secret" - I hear you say.

The key to unlocking your hearing is to know in absolute terms what you have got.

Absolutely knowing vs. just relatively

I purposely put the word absolute there because many people only know what they have got in a relative sense.

What I am trying to get across is that you need a confirmation from a trained professional of what level of hearing that you have before you make the next step of doing anything about it.

Yes, by considering other peoples' voices, the number of times you ask them to repeat, the high volumes of the television and the dullness of sound among many other things you can get a good gauge of what you are able to hear. However, it is only a comparison.

What you need is a full hearing screening to determine what level of hearing you have got.Hearing Report

AND to make sure that you get a full hearing report when the screening is completed.

This way, you know the secret of where you are now and are also able to forecast where you are going in the future.

Like the old saying goes. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

We are offering free hearing screenings (including hearing reports) for the time being.

Let us do the planning for you.

Call 0333 320 7788 to book your free hearing screening now.


As promised...our big news story from across the world

The convention capital of the world.

Over 4 days, The Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Centre attracted some of the world's top audiologists in a bid to seek out the latest tech that will change the lives of their patients - and wow, did we stumble into something...

Circling the various stalls of gizmos and gadgets was intriguing, but one masterpiece really caught my eye.

The ReSound Showcase was none like any other. I was immediately welcomed to try out their latest smartphone app that allowed me to feel their advanced background cancellation do its job. I then hovered across towards their destination based sound where I could quickly understand where voices were coming from without moving all around.Linx2

These functionalities in themselves were quite something, but after I realised that they were all inside the one device - it was like a dream came true for anyone who has an interest in hearing better.

I asked a member of the ReSound team to show me what they looked like and was quite taken aback. These hearing aids weren't just presentable, but dare I say it. Fashionable.

Quote from the CEO of Resound, Anders Hedegaard:

ReSound LiNX2 is the latest step in our efforts to make hearing as natural and effortless as possible. We revolutionized hearing aid technology in 2014 with the introduction of ReSound LiNX, a game changing, Smart Hearing device that offered incredible sound quality, connectivity and control. ReSound LiNX2 builds on that unmatched capability, bringing even more empowerment to users that expect the best quality without compromise in an increasingly connected world.

This is all great news, but what does it really mean?

You might now be thinking: "So what? Another new product on the market, I have lost count of how many times that has happened."

Okay, so I'll break it down for you in a few short sentences - what this new Linx Squared can do.

1. As you may know, hearing aids come in many shapes and sizes - in the ear, behind the ear, receiver in the canal. These new devices have an incredible power availability in many shapes and sizes. Whatever style you prefer, you can still get the incredible sound that you are looking for.

2. Surround sound. The idea of hearing from all directions instead of being limited to where you are facing. This new hearing aid has the ability to help you feel more in control of your environment and respond to the situation around you unlike any other.

3. Smart App rehaul. ReSound launched their hearing aid iPhone application a year ago to allow a seamless sync between phone and hearing device. If you wanted to, you could use wirelessly call someone and have your hearing devices process the sound aspect of your call or listen to music through the devices too. Now, their team have completely revamped the application to allow you more flexibility and control over what sound environments you like.

4. The hearing aid comes with a hugely powerful tinnitus relief. In essence, this allows you to play a range of sounds through the devices that match your tinnitus needs (pitch and modulation) to reduce your tinnitus problem and allow you to concentrate on the activities that matter most to you.

We are now demonstrating these devices in-store

Yup, that's right. We were able to get our hands on them very early - even though they have just been released. We would love to extend an open invitation to you to try on these devices during your consultation.

Call us on 0333 320 7788 and let us know when is the best time that you can pop in to see us.


Who is running the furthest ahead?

Have you ever just watched a child being themselves?  Living in the moment.

It's a concept that many of us lose after we 'grow up. 

I want to tell you about a time when I was running in a competition - about aged 10 or so.

It was a huge Olympic size circuit and there were 8 laps standing between me and the finish line.

The starter gun shot and I was off! I really enjoyed running at that age. The thrill of pushing yourself, but at the same time, the anticipation of knowing that pace is a necessity to reaching the finishing line without burning out.

My hair was blowing in the wind and I felt intensely happy. BUT, thoughts began to drift into my mind.

I started thinking back to the starter's line. The competition - some were bigger boys who looked the part. They were wearing the top running gear at the time. And, for a moment as I was running, I pictured these boys and I was intimidated; worried even.

I didn't want to entertain these thoughts for too long as I knew they were distracting me from my breathe control and maintaining my pace, but alas I needed to quell their need for an understanding of the competition.

I had a look all around the circuit expecting to be close to the front - maybe third out of the eight or so competitors.

But, I was rather surprised to see that I was first - and not just first by a few metres. I was a whole lap ahead of the big boy who I had earlier felt.intimidated by. He had most likely tired himself out early on and struggled to keep up thereafter.

At this point, I now knew that I would win the race - my training had paid off, and I could have slowed down, but I didn't.

I pushed on, gathering my strength for a final push that landed me a personal best.

Why did I tell that story, you might be asking.

The reason is, I am in the United States at the biggest hearing relates conference of the year to learn new techniques of giving patients the sounds they need, giving the best patient experience so they feel absolutely at ease and understanding the new functionality of the latest devices available on the market.

It's the one chance per year to get a really good look around. And just like at that race all those years ago, I realised that  my clinic is miles ahead of the rest of the pack.

We came here to learn the secrets and ended up giving helpful nuggets of advice to hearing clinics from all around the world.

It's funny. The whole 'living in the moment' thing. Loving what you are doing. Enjoying every moment. It really has a huge impact on your success.

I'll no doubt have some more updates over the next few days.

I have a big announcement in my next post so stay tuned!

World hearing technology update

chris and grant
chris and grant

Keeping in line with our promise to our patients we have travelled to San Antonio Texas to attend the worlds biggest conference on hearing technology.

Hoping to build on the success of previous trips Chris and Grant will be finding out the hottest trends in digital hearing tech.

Watch this space for updates on our trip and please feel free to send us a message if there is anything you'd like us to help with!

The hearing aid technologists have been hard at work designing smaller, better performing devices which can connect you back into a wonderful world of rich and finely balanced sound.

The latest devices link you directly to your iPhone so you can take calls, listen to travel directions or stream your music... Never missing a beat!

We are proud to offer an impartial service at The Hearing Clinic Uk and offer the widest range of hearing solutions in The Uk today.

Our latest range will push your hearing abilities so much closer to the natural hearing you remember.

As with all of our devices you can try before you buy and experience the difference you can receive in our state of the art "sound lounge", a unique room which we can fill with the sounds of your most challenging environments.

Your success is paramount to us and there are several key reasons that over 98.5% of our patients would recommend us to their family and friends. (Survey of 138 patients conducted in March 2014)

It's no surprise that we achieve such happy results as we invest heavily in our staff, their training and use the latest testing and fitting equipment available today.

If you'd like to find out more please call our friendly team of Bex and Catherine who will gladly book you an appointment with one of our specialists.

Better hearing starts with The Hearing Clinic UK

baby first hearing aid

3 things you could learn from a 7 week old baby

Learn from a baby? Yep, you read that right!

Have a watch at this little boy, Lachlan hearing for the first time:


Now for the breakdown:

1. Experimenting with the new

Although babies are very early on in the learning and development process, the speed at which they learn is extremely fast. Their curiosity allows them to try new things and reap the rewards for doing so.

As we become older we tend to 'get comfortable' with what we have got - even though what we've got may be in a gradual decline over a long period of time so much that we don't know what we have lost.

We need to look at our situation as if we are at the beginning, all of the time.

Ask yourself: "If this is what I've got, then what would I do right now?"

In fact, an even more important question may be: "What have I actually got?"

Understand where your current levels of health are at and consider experimenting to reap your own rewards.

2. Adjustment time

In the case of Lachlan here, he adapted very quickly to his new hearing aids, but as we noted earlier, when you know something so well that any change can be unfamiliar, then it is going to feel a bit awkward to start off with.

When we realise that the familiarisation phase can take a bit of getting used to, you will be able to reap the long term rewards of a better life.

Everything takes a bit of getting used to and hearing aids are no different, but by choosing the right fit for you, you can reduce the time it takes to get the sensation you want most.

3. Embracing new feeling

Did you notice the moment in the video after Lachlan has an initial struggle to grasp with the new feeling of wearing hearing aids that he suddenly opened his eyes in awe of what his ears could do.

In a similar way, we need to realise that being given these new sounds again can really change the way you live your life. Hearing a vastly wider range of tones can give you more scope of understanding emotion that your friends and family are conveying to you in a conversation.

AND SOMETIMES, like Lachlan, hearing these voices properly for the first time can be a bit emotional.

If you would like to get more sound out of your life, then please do get in contact. We are here to help.

Call us today on 0333 320 7788

Why quality hearing is a lot like a good diet.

Healthy food

Why good hearing is a lot like a good diet.

Interesting opening statement, but please allow me to explain...

One of my regular patients, a nutritionist, had been in to see me on an aftercare visit - you know, the regular service they get at least twice per year to make sure their hearing aids are still working to their best possible level.

Well, he and I were having a discussion about food and its nutritional content, but what really struck me was how well it paralleled to the world of hearing.

He opened up about this culture that we have fallen into of eating food on the go.

Chomping things down as quickly as we can without much regard for what the food contains. Of course, the food must contain some form of energy (otherwise it wouldn't be food). However, what we really need to start considering so that our health does not fall into disrepair is the energy vs nutrient intake ratio.

Please bare in mind, this discussion went pretty DEEP into nutrition and culture - but, I'm summarising the most valuable aspects that you can use.

Energy Vs Nutrient Intake Ratio

Now, the energy vs nutrient intake  ratio may sound complex, but in fact it is really simple. If you think about all of the things you've eaten in a day and add up its energy content - low and behold, you have your total energy intake.

Next, is slightly more difficult, but nonetheless still entirely possible to attain figure of your nutrient intake from these foods. Nowadays, it is a lot simpler to get a hold of these statistics since the invention of google and the nutritional information on almost every food packet. After you have all of these, you add them up and there you have your nutrient intake.

You can create a percentage figure from the two (nutrient intake divided by energy intake X 100) and you'll have your energy vs nutrient intake ratio.

What you need will vary depending upon your sex, weight, height and many other factors, but the main thing is you can get a crude idea of whether your overall diet is healthy or not.

I can hear you saying right now:

"What could this possibly have to do with hearing?"

Just like with your eating habits, you can also monitor the quality of your hearing.

To put this into context, if you are having a conversation with a friend - then what is the percentage of words that you hear versus the number that you understand with clarity. And, just like our crude food monitor we talked about earlier, our loud vs clear metric also does a great job of giving you a better understanding of your hearing health.

Although we have been doing this form of consultation for a long time, we have found some particular screening techniques to be much more accurate in giving you the information you need to understand better and therefore, make a better decision.

This way, we don't just give you not just louder sounds, but a more plentiful and clear sound quality that you can enjoy.

Interesting isn't it?

Get your own speech mapping analysis from our experts free of charge by calling 0333 320 7788

Hearing can

Top 3 things to consider when buying a hearing aid

Number 1: Make your own decisions. Don't be seduced by cheap offers that don't deliver.

There are advertisements all over the place these days.

"Buy hearing aids cheap"

"Get 2 hearing aids for the price of 1"

"Free gadgets when you buying a hearing aid"

For a piece of equipment that you are going to integrate with your body, these messages are pretty daunting aren't they?

Imagine you needed an organ transplant. Maybe it is a kidney or liver. How would you feel if the person providing it started to sell it to you with cheap sales talk like this. How would you feel about the kidney? I don't know about you, but I'd start questioning its quality. I'd consider why they are using such pushy tactics to get me to buy their offering.

I say enough of these cheap sales slogans. Enough of trying to push people into decisions with these practices that only result in hearing devices being unused and put away in cupboards and drawers.

How about, people get to choose for themselves what they would like?

I can't stress enough to you the importance of understanding for yourself your own hearing levels. Monitor them regularly. Compare the results to the last time you looked at them. Ask for a speech analysis assessment with a friend so that you can gauge what you are missing. Discuss your lifestyle and your needs. Don't just go for what is on the shelf. Insist on getting a solution that fits you perfectly.

Number 2: Trying before you buy

After you are fully aware of your hearing loss and an expert has talked through your hearing loss, you should be able to try a few different options.

There are two types of hearing aid dispensers out there: those that let you try them on first and allow you to make decisions for yourself and those that insist that you put your money down first.

Make sure you get to try yours on first and that they are tuned to your ears as best as they possibly can be. There is nothing worse than a hearing aid that is out of sync with the tones that you need. Don't accept sub-standard care. If the devices aren't giving you the sounds you need, make sure that you see your specialist as soon as possible so that you can hear the sounds you need again.

That brings me onto my last point. Care.

Number 3: Make sure you are looked after

I would actually say that aftercare is the most important aspect of wearing a hearing device. Ears have a habit of changing their needs - at least once per year depending on the person and up to four times if your ears are particularly sensitive to changing environments. However, no hearing aid in the world is advanced enough as of yet to interpret on an ongoing basis the sounds that you need and constantly update itself. That's why you need to be able to call your specialist at the drop of a hat and get them to make adjustments if necessary.

To download a full buyer's guide to hearing aids, click here.

Alternatively, if you would like a paper copy posted out to you, feel free to call our priority number on 0333 320 7788 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to arrange this for you.