It is always helpful to know the top tips for taking care of your hearing aids.

It is always helpful to know the top tips for taking care of your hearing aids. If not taken care of the sound quality will diminish, and they might breakdown altogether. This means they would either need to be repaired or replaced. Both of these options can be costly and you may be without your hearing aids for the duration. Therefore it makes much more sense to take care of the ones you have. Here are some of the top tips for taking care of your hearing aids.


Dirt can be a major issue when taking care of your hearing aids. They can get dirty simply by sitting in or around your ear. Dust and debris can be blown onto them whenever you step outside, or even indoors. One useful tip on keeping your hearing aids as clean as possible is always ensuring your fingers are clean and dry before you touch them. Even the smallest amount of dirt can block the sensitive microphone.


Moisture is another thing that can cause serious damage to a hearing aid. Never wear your hearing aids in the bath or shower, for example, or when going swimming. Remove them and leave them somewhere safe and dry. Don’t leave them in the bathroom as the steam could damage them just as much as immersion in water can.

If your hearing aids do get wet, it’s best to remove the battery overnight and leave the battery compartment open to allow it to dry as much as possible. Alternatively, speak to The Hearing Clinic about any specialist drying aids that might be available.

Keep Them Safe

It is always helpful to know the top tips for taking care of your hearing aids.You need to take care of your hearing aids in order to get the best from them, and that means keeping them away from children and animals. When you are not wearing them, store them somewhere out of reach. Some dogs are able to hear a high pitched sound that comes from activated devices (even if they are removed), so make sure everything is turned off and the animals won’t go searching.

Hairspray and Make Up

Hairspray and make up can cause big problems when it comes to hearing aids. When you are using these items – which can clog up the microphone and volume controls – remove your hearing aids first to ensure they don’t get contaminated.

Take Care By Cleaning Properly

There are certain ways that you should clean your hearing aids which will keep them working in the way they are meant to and won’t damage them. For example, you will need to use a soft, dry cloth, and never use cleaning agents or solvents. You should be able to get special cleaning equipment from The Hearing Clinic, so make sure to ask. They can also check over your device and clear away any wax that might have built up and which could be causing a problem.

When it comes to repairs, always seek the advice of an expert or you could do more harm than good, even if you feel you have the knowledge to make a quick fix.

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