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Your Reassessment Appointment

A Reassessment appointment is for patients who have had a initial test or hearing aid demo with us previously and decided not to go a head at the time. It is also suitable for existing hearing aid wearers, both NHS and private who want to learn more about how the new hearing aid technology can enhance their lives as well as monitor their hearing loss for any progression.

During your Reassessment appointment your audiologist will assess whether your hearing loss has changed or worsened and will advise next steps.

A reassessment appointment is perfect if you need more time to decide whether you want to purchase hearing aids and would like to discuss further with your audiologist.


Hearing aids. Behind-The-Ear hearing aids are recommended by audioprosthetist to his woman patient because it is best hearing solutions

What is involved in a hearing aid Reassessment?

During a reassesment your audiologist will discuss why your current devices aren’t meeting your needs – whether that is the length of time you have had the devices, if something has broken or whether you are interested in upgrading to the latest hearing devices.

  • Video otoscopy will be undertaken to check your ears, ear canal and ear drums.
  • If necessary your audiologist will perform Microsuction to remove any blockages.
  • Clean and check-up of existing hearing devices.
  • Recheck of hearing including speech testing and pure tone audiometry.
  • Tuning of existing hearing aids.
  • Real Ear Measurements (REMs) if required.

A reassessment is also suitable for patients who have been with us before and gone through testing but never purchased devices. If you are interested in a reassessment of your hearing loss since your last visit please call us on 0333 320 7788 to speak to one of our team.



Otolaryngologist doctor checking mature woman's ear using otoscope or auriscope at ENT clinic. Hearing exam

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of you appointment will vary from 30-60 minutes depending on whether this si a rotine annual check-up or if your devcies are from other providers. Our call centre team will be able to advise.
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