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Your Hearing Aid Demo

What's involved?

Comprehensive Hearing Assessment
Your audiologist will run through a comprehensive hearing test to discover which devices are best suited to your hearing loss and lifestyle
Set Up and Clarity Optimisation
Once you have selected your hearing device your audiologist will use state of the art technology to ensure that your optimal hearing ability is reached.
Full Training on Daily Use and Connectivity
Your audiologist will provide you with tailored information to understand the full working of your chosen hearing solution and assist in connecting you to all of your compatible digital equipment

Your Hearing Aid Demo

During a Hearing Aid Demo you will be able to trial hearing devices to help you better understand the technology and your needs as well as make an informed purhasing decision, should you decide to go ahead. If you have recently had a hearing test with The Hearing Clinic UK your audiologist will use these results to tune the trial devices to your needs. If you have not had a recent hearing test your audiologist may contact you to book a hearing test or may do the hearing test during your demo appointment. Our Audiologists have a range of state of the art equipment and technology, which allows them to mimic real life challenging environments to allow you to see how a hearing device can assist and enhance your life.

We strongly advise that you bring a trusted family member or friend to this appointment who can help you make an informed decision and support you with any questions you may have for your audiologist. In this appointment you will also have the chnace to understand costings and payment or finance options that may be available to you, we will always do our best to work with your budget.

During your appointment you and your audiologist may decide that a trail period with your chosen devices would be suitable, if so this will be organised on the day.

Please read more about our Try Before You Buy guarantee here


Hearing aids. Behind-The-Ear hearing aids are recommended by audioprosthetist to his woman patient because it is best hearing solutions

Connect to a new world of clarity with The Hearing Clinic UK

Choose from over 4650 different types of hearing devices suitable for all types of lifestyles and needs.
Hearing shouldn't have to be a choice - we always keep our pricing competitive and so our best to work to your budget.
Live listening experiences are offered during your consultation so you can experience a new world of hearing within one hour. Don't miss out!
We offer the most extensive Aftercare service available anywhere in the UK.
Flexible payments with a low interest rate through our finance partner.
Choose from Invisible devices, In the Ear (ITE) or Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aids.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Hearing Aid Demo appointment at The Hearing Clinic UK is 60 minutes.

A Hearing Aid Demo Appointment is free of charge.

A Hearing Aid Demo is a fantastic opportunity if you are curious or interested in hearing aids and the new hearing technology. You will also be given plenty of time to ask your audiologist any questions.

We recommend you have a hearing test as close to your demo appointment as possible to ensure any recent changes in your hearing are accounted for. The devices will be programmed and set to your hearing levels and to ensure maximum benefit from the devices we highly recommend to have a speech clarity assessment alongside normal puretone assessment. The Hearing Clinic UK have a market leading hearing assessment process which can determine exactly how much residual hearing capability can be restored and our hearing devices are finely tuned to maximise your capabilities.
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