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Follow Up

When your hearing aids have just been fitted

2-3 days
Your audiologist will follow up with you 2 -3 days after your devices have been fitted to ensure things are working as they should and assist with any issues.
2-3 weeks
After 2-3 weeks with the devices your audiologist will schedule an appointment to assess how your devices are working and if any changes are necessary.
2 months
A further check in two months allows us to ensure that you are completely satisfied

Frequently Asked Questions

Your first three Follow-ups are free of charge, after that you will move to aftercare appointments which are £85.

A follow up appointment is 30 minutes.

Aftercare Appointments

Aftercare appointments are 30 minutes and free for members of our Hear for Life package.
Hearing Aid service every six months to ensure your devices are working as should and answer any queries you may have.
During your appointment your ear, the ear canal and ear drum will be examined thoroughly to ensure no issues since last fitting.
Microsuction ear wax removal if necessary
Regular reassessment and/or reprogramming of your hearing devices as appropriate.
Speech mapping of devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

An aftercare appointment is 30 minutes, in some cases your audiologist make request more time.

The Hearing Clinic UK's Hear for Life package... We offer 2 after care options – Hear for Life where any further adjustments to the hearing instruments or advice about their use is free of charge with an unlimited number of appointments for the life of the hearing devices. Or through our Self Managed Aftercare program where you pay per visit after the initial trial period has finalized.

Once you have purchased the instrument(s) you will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for a minimum of two year period. This can be extended up to 5 years depending on the hearing aids selected and the warranty package which was purchased.

We offer an ongoing repair and cleaning service to all our patients.

You will be contacted twice a year and offered an appointment to see us for a routine check ups. It is advisable to have your hearing and tested at the very least annually to check for any changes.
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