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Made to be 100% Invisible

Lyric is the worlds only 24/7 hearing device that’s 100% invisible. Lyric allows you to have your hearing devices out of sight and out of mind, allowing you to wear them 24 hours a day for months at a time.

How Lyric Works

Traditional hearing aids usually process and capture sound outside of the ear, whilst Lyric uses your ears natural anatomy to amplify and provide you with a natural listening experience. Lyric is stored safely inside of foam seals which contour to the ear canal and ensure healthy and natural ventilation.

The Lyric Invisible Hearing Aid

Phonak Lyric and Tinnitus

Due to its nature of being worn 24/7, Lyric is a good option for those who suffer from tinnitus. For many, their tinnitus is worse at night in bed, this is due to having to take your hearing aid out overnight, thus removing any tinnitus relief. However, Lyric can help relieve tinnitus 24/7.

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Lyric hearing aids on finger

Benefits of Lyric

Lyric allows you to live unrestricted, giving you the opportunity to wear helmets for sport, exercise whilst wearing your hearing devices, and even sleep or shower wearing them. Having them installed and programmed is quick and pain free and due to the subscription nature of the devices, any new technology advancements will be updated as they become available, rather than you having to wait a few years to update your hearing aid model.

Although not suitable for all levels of hearing loss, Lyric Hearing Devices are especially helpful for those who struggle with fine movements and dexterity, saving them the stress of putting their hearing aids in, or changing batteries.

Lyric Invisible Hearing Aid

Why is the Lyric Unique?

Unlike any other type of hearing aid device on the market today, Lyric’s sound quality is clean and undistorted.  It is placed in the ear canal by a hearing aid audiologist that is specially trained in implanting and configuring the Lyric hearing aid. There are currently only a select few locations in Scotland that are trained to provide this device, with the procedure taking just a few minutes, with no need for surgery or anaesthesia.

Lyric Invisible Hearing Aid on hand

Frequently Asked Questions About Lyric

Lyric can be worn when swimming but we do recommend that you use swim plugs if you wish to place your head under the water. We are happy to supply these with your initial fitting of lyric.

Wax can cause problems with any hearing aid so it is important to keep your ears as clear of wax as you can. We offer microsuction wax removal and can safely and comfortably remove any build up prior to inserting your Lyric.

We only offer Lyric from our main centre in Glasgow at this moment however we are able to offer free lyric assessments at all of our clinics. The reason for this is we require the use of highly specialised equipment (notably an ENT microscope and other specialised fitting and tuning equipments) which are located in our main centre.

Lyric and The Hearing Clinic UK

If you are curious about trying Lyric, or seeing if you’d be suitable for it, contact one of our team today to discuss the potential of using Lyric with one of our audiologists.

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