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ReSound is a flagship brand of GN Hearing, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium hearing aids. One of the World’s leaders in intelligent audio solutions with roots as far back as 1943 ReSound is one of the pioneers of the hearing aid industry.


ReSound OMNIA is the newest range of hearing aids, launched in September 2022 and has expanded to behind-ear and in-ear styles in February 2023. All these models use the new OMNIA chip and have been able to provide a 150% improvement in noise compared to older models.

Resound Omnia Full Line Up

ReSound One

All devices in the ReSound One family are receiver-in-canal hearing aids and are equipped with iOS and Android wireless audio streaming. Offering Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear technology that places the microphone in the ear to improve sound quality, localisation, and wind noise.

ReSound One

ReSound Smart 3D App

The ReSound Smart 3D app allows you to adjust sound, volume and balance settings, tinnitus settings, and helps your audiologist to adjust your hearing aids straight from the comfort of your own home.

ReSound SMart 3D App


ReSound hearing aids come with a built-in Tinnitus Sound Generator to mask any frustrating tinnitus noises such as ringing, humming or buzzing sounds in your head and ears. It also features NatureSound which offers soothing water-inspired sounds, such as the noise of the ocean or waves. It also allows you to choose your own sounds or music from iOS devices. Lastly, the ReSound Relief app offers dynamic sounds, tinnitus management and a variety of exercises to help you manage and minimise your tinnitus.

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ReSound Tinnitus App

ReSound Microphones

ReSound offer an array of microphones and accessories to use with your hearing devices. Offering the Multi Mic remote microphone, a flexible remote microphone that can be used during both one-to-one conversations and clipped on an individual’s clothing or set on a conference table for group settings. Additionally, ReSound offer the Micro Mic, which allows you to hear up to 80 feet away and can be clipped on an individual’s clothing and allows their voice to be transmitted straight to your hearing aids.

TheReSound TV Streamer 2  allows you to stream stereo sound from the television straight to your hearing aids from up to 22 feet away. All ReSound Smart Hearing Aids and TV Models are compatible with the TV Streamer 2 and allows you to also connect to your stereo or even your computer.

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ReSound Accessories

ReSound GN and The Hearing Clinic UK

ReSound offer many different devices and styles of hearing aids. Speak to one of our audiologists today for them to advise what devices will help you the best with your hearing needs.

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