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Founded in 1904 Oticon describe themselves as open and curious, always doing as much as possible to keep learning about hearing loss to help its hearing aid users to continually improve their life, unhindered by their hearing loss.


Oticon has taken a brain focused approach when developing hearing aids, looking into how the brain makes sense of sound and how it can be supported. They take a brain first approach, rather than solely focusing on the ears. Thus, they coined the term BrainHearing™ which then leads their approach when creating hearing aids and therefore alleviates the workload of processing sounds from your brain and supports it in working more effectively.

Oticon Brain Hearing Aids

MoreSound Intelligence™

Oticon recorded sounds from real life using a 360° spherical microphone, and used those sounds to train the Deep Neural Network (DNN) to recognise them. The Deep Neural Network is part of MoreSound Intelligence™, which provides precise analysis and balancing of the full sound scene. Through scanning the full sound scene 500 times per second, MoreSound Intelligence™ is able to provide a precise analysis of all sounds and the complexity of the surroundings. Using your personal listening preferences, it is able to establish a clear target for how to handle all varying sound scenes. Once the sound scene is analysed, MoreSound Intelligence™ organises the sounds around you and using the DNN training, is able to provide a more natural representation of all sounds in a clear, complete, and balanced sound scene.

Oction MoreSound Intelligence Hearing Aids

Oticon Real™ miniRITE R

This discreet, rechargeable style hearing device with easy push button control is the perfect choice.

Using technology that supports the brains normal function these devices bring the sounds you love most.

Featuring Bluetooth wireless technology to support hands free communication and seemless connection with your favourite devices.


Oticon Real™ miniRITE R

Oticon ON and Oticon Companion App

Oticon Companion Is an app created to control your hearing aids easily and quickly through your phone. Using the app, you’re allowed to use functions such as ‘find my hearing aids’ if you ever misplace them, ‘reduce background noise’ using SpeechBooster, receiving remote support with your hearing care professional and connect all your wireless accessories. Therefore, making wearing hearing aids even easier.

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Oticon ON and Oticon Companion App

Oticon and The Hearing Clinic UK

Oticon allows you to be as unaffected as possible by your hearing loss, using technology and its expertly designed systems to give you the help needed to control your hearing with better speech understanding and less effort. Get in touch with one of our audiologists today to learn more.

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