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Your Hearing Assessment

A full hearing assessment is essential when you are concerned about your hearing...

Your sense of hearing is unique to you and only you.


It is the most important sense in communicating with others and creating deeper more meaningful connections.

Like your sense of sight it can lose sharpness over time and hamper your ability to connect with your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones.

With our free hearing test we can help determine the condition of your hearing.

Your Hearing Assessment With The Hearing Clinic UK

Your hearing assessment with us will take place in four stages. At all times your needs and requirement will be taken into acount and we will provide advice on the best solution to optimse your hearing potential. With access to the very best hearing technology on the market together we will find the perfect solution for you. Our hearing devices come in a variety of colours, are extremely discreet and in some cases can be entirely invisible.
Signia,Phonak,Widex and Starkey hearing aids

Stage 1: Initial Consultation

  • Full audiometric hearing assessment including speech discrimination testing where necessary
  • Examination of ear and auditory canal using video camera technology
  • full Explanation and discussion of the results
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Independent advice on the most appropriate hearing system to meet your personal objectives
  • Hearing evaluation with an appropriate solution to meet your current and future needs
  • A copy of your audiogram for you to keep for your reference
  • Reports to your G.P. or E.N.T. specialists if required
Closeup portrait of a smiling cheerful dreamy beautiful middle-aged woman wearing headphones during an audiometry test

Stage 2: Fitting and Instrument Consultation

  • Initial fitting and programming of the hearing instrument using computerised sound samples to imitate “real-life” situations such as restaurant back ground noise and street noise
  • Programming/setting of hearing instrument parameters to suit individual needs using our world class “speech mapping” system – this ensures you receive the maximum speech enhancement in all listening situations
  • Full instruction on use and care of the instrument, including cleaning and simple maintenance
  • Appointments made for follow-up and to adjust hearing aids once you have had your settling in period with your new devices.
Woman at a hearing aid fitting appointment

Stage 3: Follow Up and Ongoing Support

  • You will receive a courtesy call 2 – 3 days after your fitting to check that there are no issues
  • 1 week after fitting the hearing instrument we will see you again to discuss your progress. At this stage we will carry out any necessary fine tuning or adjustments to suit your personal requirements
  • A further 2-3 weeks after the fitting we will normally see you again to further discuss your experiences with the hearing instrument and make adjustments where necessary
  • A further check in two months allows us to ensure that you are completely satisfied
New sensation. Profile of enthusiastic pretty woman with long blond hair touching her hands to ear and man in white coat watching behind in medical office

Stage 4: Aftercare

  • We offer 2 after care options – Hear for Life where any further adjustments to the hearing instruments or advice about their use is free of charge with an unlimited number of appointments for the life of the hearing devices. Or through our Self Managed Aftercare program where you pay per visit after the initial trial period has finalized.
  • Once you have purchased the instrument(s) you will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for a minimum of two year period. This can be extended up to 5 years depending on the hearing aids selected and the warranty package which was purchased.
  • We offer an ongoing repair and cleaning service to all our patients.
  • You will be contacted twice a year and offered an appointment to see us for a routine check ups. It is advisable to have your hearing and tested at the very least annually to check for any changes.
Man using the myPhona App

Demo Days and the latest technology!

We will keep you up to date with any new technology and invite you to our technology demo days where you will be able to see what new devices, upgrades and treatments are available.

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