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Find out how The Hearing Clinic UK can help...

Research shows Tinnitus can be linked to several things...

Hearing Loss
Exposure to loud noise
Ear or head injuries
Ear conditions and infections
Stress, metabolic and neurological disorders

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the medical term to describe noises heard either in one ear, both ears or in the head. The sounds heard can vary from person to person, but the common link is that they don’t have an external source:
More than five million people in the UK have tinnitus. It is not a disease or an illness; in most cases, it’s a symptom of a problem within the hearing system.

For many people the symptoms of Tinnitus can be improved by treating the underlying cause or with treatments that reduce or mask the noise.

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Hearing loss. Senior woman with symptoms of hearing loss.

How can The Hearing Clinic UK treat my Tinnitus?

The first step in treating any tinnitus condition is to discover what may be causing it.

At The Hearing Clinic UK our audiologists are widely experienced in diagnosing tinnitus and can help you with your specific issues.

During your tinnitus consultation we will try to endeavour to understand your particular symptoms to ensure the best route of treatment.

This might include questions such as:

  • How long have you been suffering from Tinnitus?
  • Is it intermittent or constant?
  • Is it worse at certain points of the day?
  • Are your Tinnitus symptoms in both ears or one?
  • How loud is the noise? Is it high pitched or low?

Our audiologist will also ask for a report or outline of your medical history. The examination will begin with an inspection of your ears and standard behavioural tests of your hearing ability.

Tinnitus appointments are between 60/90/120 minutes long and cost £490.

Prior to your appointment your audiologist may ask you to fill out some questionnaires.

Man holding head with pain in ear

Do hearing aids alleviate the symptoms of Tinnitus?

Depending on the results of your hearing evaluation your audiologost may recommend one of the following types of Tinnitus treatment:

  • Hearing aids – If you have some form of hearing loss as well as tinnitus hearing aids can often provide effective relief from your Tinnitus symptoms whilst you are wearing them. Many of today’s hearing devices include Tinnitus therepy solutions.
  • Tinnitus masking or noise suppression devices. During your assessment your audiologist will use the pitch matching and loudness matching tests to set the signal at a level and pitch similar to the Tinnitus you are perceiving.
  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) uses cognitive behavioral therepy in combination with a masking device to help you learn to ignore the background ringing noise in your ears.
  • A free-standing white noise generating machine. The symptoms of Tinnitus are generally worse when you’re in a quiet environment, so being able to relax and mask the noise in a room using background sound might be beneficial.
Man holding his aching ear, suffering from otitis, sudden hearing loss, close up

What our customers say

Limited spaces are available at our state of the art clinical locations for our exclusive Free hearing health checks. Discover why our patient are so pleased to have visited us:

After getting nowhere with the NHS and my tinitus becoming unbearable i contacted The hearing clinic. Debbie has been a life saver for me,she really has. Pleasant and proffesional from the start she has an understanding of my problems with hearing loss and tinitus.I would recommend the hearing clinic to anyone who suffers with hearing loss and or tinnitus. Today Debbie issued me with my new aids and the feeling is fantastic,,hearing sounds that I haven’t heard for years is amazing,thank you Debbie.
Mrs Hough – Shrewsbury

Was really good to have a trial set of aids to discover if they would help with my tinnitus. I felt I had great explanations and could select the aids and support which suited me. Would really recommend The Hearing Clinic.
Mrs Chalmers – Glasgow

Went for ear Microsuction to cure a tinnitus problem. On inspection, I was advised I didn’t need the procedure but I was given a half-price hearing test instead which explained the tinnitus problem and saved me some cash on an unnecessary treatment. The whole experience was deftly, honestly and professionally handled.
Mr Walker – Glasgow

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Why choose The Hearing Clinic UK?

Our ever expanding network of local hearing aid clinics across the UK allow our patients to experience the very best in hearing healthcare care.

By visiting one of our dedicated centres, you can be sure your hearing needs will be addressed with the utmost care and attention.

Experience for yourself exactly what makes us the UK’s foremost precision Audiologists. Visit one of our leading hearing loss centres and see what the hearing aids can do. We will be more than happy to walk you through just what makes them so special.

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