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Full Hearing Assessment

Your Hearing Assessment With Us

Your Full Hearing Assessment

Your Full Hearing Assessment is the next step after a Initial Consultation and is a deeper, more detailed investigation of your hearing issues or concerns.

Your audiologist will discuss your priorities and any relevant medical history as well as your lifestyle needs. An otoscopy will be undertaken as well as your hearing thresholds measured using pure tone audiometry.

We will then run some speech audiometry testing.

Depending on the results of your full hearing assessment your audiologist will recommend next steps.

This appointment takes 60 minutes and we recommend you bring a friend or family member for support.

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What is involved?

Full audiometric hearing assessment including speech discrimination testing
Examination of ear and auditory canal using video camera technology
Full explanation and discussion of results.
Lifestyle Assessment
Hearing evaluation with an appropriate solution to meet your current and future needs
Independent advice on the most appropriate hearing system to meet your personal objectives
A copy of your audiogram for you to keep for your reference
Reports to your G.P. or E.N.T. specialists if required (please note there is a fee for written hearing reports)
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