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Hearing Aid Fitting

Take Your Hearing Aids Home!

What Happens at My Appointment?

A Hearing Aid fitting takes 60 minutes. During this time the new hearing devices are set to your prescription and any necessary adjustments are made after a series of speech and sound tests.
Speech and sound tests ensure the sounds are clear and comfortable.
During this appointment you will be instructed on how to safely insert, remove and use your new devices. You will also be shown how to change hearing aid filters and if applicable hearing aid batteries.
Your audiologist will take their time to ensure you are comfortable and confident with your new hearing devices. During your fitting appointment you will be given ample opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
You will receive any equipment (including a supply of batteries if your chosen device is not rechargeable) and help setting up apps on your phone if needed. For Bluetooth enabled hearing aids your audiologist will help pair your device to your phone and explain how to use the Bluetooth functionality to make phone calls, listen to music, etc.
During your appointment you will have ample time to ask your audiologist questions however once you have left with your new devices if you still have any questions please get in touch with your audiologist who will be happy to help.

Fitting Appointment Stages

Designed to make your life easier

Initially Setting Your Device
Your new hearing aids are set to your prescription and necessary adjustments are made to ensure maximum speech clarity and comfort is achieved.
Getting to Know Your Device
Your audiologist will show you how to safely insert, remove and use your device. You will also be given full instructions on the devices features and how to get the best out of them for your situation. Feel free to ask as many questions as you wish.
Take Your Devices Home
You will receive and be shown how to use the cleaning and maintenance tools to help keep your device functioning at its peak potential. Your audiologist will help set up any additional Bluetooth wireless accessories on your devices and full instruction will be given on their usage. Your devices are ready to go to their new home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically your audiologist will arrange your fitting appointment with you at the point of selecting the most appropriate solution for your hearing needs. Otherwise you can arrange a fitting by calling 0333 320 7788.

A fitting appointment is free of charge and comes included in your hearing device selection fitting and follow-up program.
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