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Signs and symptoms of hearing loss...

Learn about the signs of hearing loss and when to seek help.

Types of hearing loss...

There are three types of hearing loss

Which involves the outer or middle ear
Which involves the inner ear
Which is a mix of the two

Struggling to follow conversations

One of the first signs of hearing loss is when we struggle to keep up in conversations.

You could experience this anywhere from a busy restaurant, an office meeting or in the kitchen with your loved ones.


Older friends having fun at the party in the garden

Sounds are muted

If you start to feel like everyone is mumbling and the sounds around you are muted it may be time to go for a hearing health check.

family, leisure and people concept - happy grandmother and granddaughter having picnic at summer park and sharing secrets

Phone conversations are difficult to follow

Another isgn of hearing loss is struggling to clearly hear phone conversations both in busy, noisy locations and quiet places.

Woman working from home on laptop and talking on phone

Signs of Tinnitus

If you are expereincing ringing, buzzing of whooshing sounds in your ear it may be due to hearing loss related tinnitus.

Unhappy male having ear pain touching his painful head outdoor

Turning up the volume

Are your family and friends complaining that the TV or radio is too loud while you are struggling to hear it?

Portrait of confused senior woman with impaired hearing watching TV, trying to listen holding her hand near ear to hear better, sitting on couch in living room. Elderly lady turning volume up

Struggling to locate sounds

A sign of hearing loss is struggling to locate where sounds are coming from.

Hearing loss. Senior woman with symptoms of hearing loss.

Clearer hearing restores your confidence, rebuilds lost connections, and puts joy into being in company again

With the latest advancements in technology we can restore much more hearing capacity and put you back in control. Book A FREE Hearing Test to find out about our hearing solutions and experience the latest in hearing technologies from the worlds’ finest manufacturers.

Senior Friends Enjoying Time Outdoors
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