There are lots of private hearing clinics in the the market, but how can you ensure you’re dealing with the best hearing clinic, with the most reputable organisation?

The best hearing clinics will have a website.  Read it carefully paying particular attention to the range and depth of information provided by the retailer.  Look at their credentials and check they are independent.  This allows them to choose from a vast range of hearing aid manufacturers and will help to ensure the device you get is the one that best fits your requirements.Here’s some simple things that will help you make the right choice:

  • Is the clinic HCPC registered?
  • Is the clinic a member of the AIHHP?
  • Ask your GP – they may have information or experience of clinics in your area
  • Speak to friends and ask for recommendations
  • Do a web search and review testimonials
  • Read Which? survey of independent hearing aid retailers
  • Take someone you trust with you to appointments

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