Its very important to regularly clean your hearing aids to keep them free from wax.

Its very important to regularly clean your earphones to keep them free from wax.

It is very important to clean your hearing devices and keep them free from wax. As we all know hearing devices, (along with headphones) are extremely popular pieces of equipment, and are used by many people on a regular basis. They can easily harbour a lot of bacteria and this can then cause problems such as:

  • Bacterial growth within the eardrum
  • Swimmer’s ear
  • Skin damage

The problems can become even worse when you share earphones with others. If earphones are not clean of wax infections can be swapped from person to person.

Clean your hearing devices and earphones and keep them free of wax

When cleaning your hearing devices to keep them free of wax you have to be very careful not to damage them. Make sure you clean them carefully, and replace the wax guards where appropriate. Earphones can be cleaned using a cloth, but it should never be a wet one, and instead should be clean, soft, and just damp. If it is preferred, you can even purchase specialist audio cleaning wipes.

A gentle kitchen detergent is another good idea as this can kill bacteria quickly. However, there is a certain technique that should be used to ensure that your earphones aren’t damaged and this means diluting the detergent with lukewarm water and carefully dabbing around the earpiece.

If you can remove the covers of the earphones then this is the best way to clean them; the interior electronics will be kept safe and you can protect your ears and hearing be ensuring that the earphones you are using are entirely clean.

Anything that won’t come off with a gentle wash and a soft cloth may need some extra elbow grease. You can use an old toothbrush to remove any ingrained grime. For those really stubborn areas of muck, use a very small amount of alcohol on a cotton swab.

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