There are over 900,000 severely or profoundly deaf people in the UK and 1 in 6 of the population experiences some form of hearing loss.  That’s about 11 million people so it’s easy to feel lost among this increasingly large crowd.

Around six and a half million people could benefit from using a hearing aid but as we’ve highlighting in previous posts, fitting, adjustment and support are vital to ensure users get maximum benefit from their devices.

GPs see scores of patients every day with a host of different complaints.  They understand the problems you are facing, but may not have the expertise or time to ensure you are getting exactly the care you need.

Fully registered, independent audiologists specialize in hearing loss and can commit the necessary time and resources to helping you.   Choose your audiologist and hearing clinic carefully and it could transform your life.

The Hearing Clinic UK is a completely independent specialist offering a wide variety of hearing aid solutions from the world’s best manufacturers.  Our world-leading rehabilitation programmes include provision for regular tuning and general maintenance of our patients’ hearing devices and we work hard to ensure every patient has a bespoke plan based around their lifestyle.

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