Today’s Hi-Tech Hearing Aids are comfortable, discreet, user-friendly that will help you in every aspect of your life.

Phonak Rechargeable Hearing AidsToday’s Hi-Tech Hearing Aids are comfortable, discreet, user-friendly that will help you in every aspect of your life.

In the past people would not associate the word Hi-Tech with Hearing Aids. They didn’t look particularly attractive, and even with The Hearing Clinic UK’s help, choosing something that would work for you was a hard job as nothing will really have felt or looked as comfortable as you might have wanted. Thankfully that has all changed and here are some of today’s Hi-Tech Hearing Aid features of 2019:

AI Power

AI – artificial intelligence – is appearing in many different parts of life, and when it comes to hearing aids it’s just the same. It’s the Oticon Kaizn style of hearing aid which has an AI powered app to go with it.

This will actually personalise your hearing aid, allowing you to use it in the way that you find most useful. It works by collecting data about how you listen and use the hearing aid. It then uses AI to send you push notifications showing you how to make the right adjustments. If you go to a noisy restaurant, for example, you might receive a notification asking what kind of noise level you want; do you want ‘comfort’, ‘focus’ or anything else. Over time, this will learn to adapt without having to ask, giving you the optimum listening experience.

Hi-Tech Health tracker

We are all extremely aware of how we need to be more focused on our health. There are many different health trackers that can be bought and downloaded to ensure that we are as healthy as possible.

Now you can even get a hearing aid that acts as a health tracker, giving you all round health advice and details whenever you need them. This is the Livio AI hearing aid. Using sensors, the hearing aid will track your health – both physical and even cognitive – and then will help the wearer to monitor and improve their health.

It also connects to Amazon’s Alexa assistant and your smartphone or TV allowing you to stream audio when required. In the future there is planned to be a fall detection feature.

Smartphone control

Today’s Hi-Tech Hearing Aids can be controlled entirely via an app on your smartphone. This is a fantastic innovation, making life a lot easier for a great many people.

The controls can be personalised through a Today’s Hi-Tech Hearing Aids are comfortable, discreet, user-friendly that will help you in every aspect of your life.smartphone or tablet, and one example of this is Thrive.

Thrive allows users to geotag memories that link to the hearing aid and therefore allow it to adjust to the correct setting automatically. When you arrive in a place you have been before, the controls will adjust to the right setting before you even notice anything needs to be done.

Remote support

Sometimes it is just good to have support and backup, no matter whether you have only just started wearing a hearing aid or you have needed one for a long time. A great new innovation is the ReSound Linx Quattro that allows you to request professional fine-tuning from an expert when required.

The Phonak Audeo Marvel is another hearing aid with remote support. Use the app to create a hearing diary which can be shared with an audiologist, allowing for feedback and help as and when you want it.

Battery free

Something that has been an issue for those who have needed to wear hearing aids is the battery life. At some point, their hearing aids will need to be removed and charged, leaving them with no additional support.

There are, however, now ‘battery free’ hearing aids. They charge in as little as 20 seconds, and last for 24 hours. You’ll never need to change your hearing aid batteries again.

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