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This is an incredibly common problem among hearing aid wearers and there are a whole host of reasons for it.  Here are just a few that can contribute to wearers’ frustrations.

First of all, getting used to a hearing aid takes patience.  Your brain may have to re-learn the sounds no longer available to you without assistance and this can take time.

Make sure your audiologist is your new best friend and work with him/her to ensure your device is professionally optimised.

Proper fitting is critical so make sure your audiologist is taking the time and care required to ensure your device fits like a glove.

If you have not had a recent hearing test, insist on this and ensure that the audiologist adjusts your devices accurately to your latest test.

Your hearing aid is a complex and delicate piece of equipment.  It needs proper care so keeping on top of cleaning and safe storage is vitally important.  Ask your audiologist about best practice.

As your brain re-learns the sounds you struggled to hear before seeking help, your device will need adjustments.  Optimizing the settings to suit your hearing ability will help to improve your everyday interactions.

You’ll need support while you’re getting used to wearing your hearing aids.  Your audiologist should offer a comprehensive aftercare plan to ensure you are able to make best use of your hearing aids and live a better quality of life.

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