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“Why is it that some hearing aid wearers get great results and the rest don’t?? And, how can you guarantee success with hearing aids when I know people that can’t stand theirs?”

Great questions! And questions I would be sure to ask if I was in the patient seat!


After working in private practice for over 16 years it becomes very clear that some providers do things differently to others, and in the long run they achieve very different outcomes. In the hearing aid market there are many providers –hospital departments, independent retailers, online sellers, national chains.

I’ve had the benefit of having worked within most of these and I was sick of seeing patients with hearing problems sold or provided with solutions that everyone knew wouldn’t work. Unsurprisingly the patients would come back and report that the problems they were having were unresolved and that the hearing aids provided were not doing their job.

In many cases a less than satisfactory adjustment was made, or in the worst cases, patients were told that they would simply have to manage with the solution as it was. In other words “you’ll just have to live with it as that’s the best they can do”.

It’s no wonder patients felt let down, mis-sold, badly advised – and the devices would end up in a sock drawer or in the bin. If you read enough on-line reviews and its clear to see the pattern of complaints that are commonplace amongst hearing aid wearers.

Here are some of the comments we have heard over the years that motivated us

  • “I bought hearing aids just last year, they cost me several thousand pounds – I went back for a routine tune up and the salesman said they were at their limit and tried to sell me a similar pair again at an even higher price”
  • “I can’t wear my hearing aids as they were never tuned right from the first day I got them, I told the audiologist but they didn’t care and sent me away”
  • “I have trouble in background noise and need a solution for conferences I attend, the devices I received have absolutely no controls and are way too loud”
  • “Mum was recommended a basic pair of devices that were on special offer and bought them without me being there, but we both knew that her hearing needed something more sophisticated so she now has to get a new pair and can’t send the others back for a refund – what a waste of money”
  • “they were uncomfortable in the beginning but persevered… unfortunately it just kept getting worse, and now I simply cant wear them”

At The Hearing Clinic UK we were saddened by these stories and felt there must be a better way.

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After a 12 month review period where we surveyed and questionnaire many hearing aid wearers, travelled the globe to speak with industry experts, and spend countless man hours researching and reviewing the practices of our peers we created our world class “Hear For Life Programme”.


Recent reports found that patients who rate their satisfaction with their hearing aids as being “happy” or “so happy Im recommending them to friends” achieved success in over 80% of their areas of trouble.

* The Hearing Clinic UK uses this as a guide and we strive to achieve this level of success with each and every patient who we are honoured to assist


What exactly is the “Hear For Life Programme”?

It actually began back in the early 1950’s when my grandfather started to provide private hearing care in the UK. He separated himself from other retailers and providers by offering a truly world class service to his patients. We have taken his program and developed it for the 21st century. Now it has become an exclusive program which enables our hearing aid wearers to explore the right options for their hearing loss before they purchase them, ensures that they will achieve maximum benefit for their hearing loss, ensures that the solution will continue to work for the full manufacturers recommended lifespan and is backed up with the best guarantees in the market today.

Put simply its a system to ensure you get results.

happy patient


We set out our criteria based on the problems we were trying to solve

  1. Successful outcomes – to achieve the best outcomes for more patients

  2. Offer the optimal hearing solution – stock the widest range of hearing solutions on the market

  3. Transparency – Allow patients to feel they have made the right choice for their hearing needs

  4. Peace of mind – Offer a complete try before you buy experience

  5. Accuracy – Test, fit and fine tune hearing devices with the latest equipment to ensure accuracy

  6. Long term benefit – Offer unlimited follow up opportunity

  7. Guarantee success – Offer the longest Full Money back Guarantee in the market

  8. Complete care – Offer a complete hearing care solution which includes microsuction ear hygiene service, additional rehabilitation services, and offer these in our centres of excellence, local partner sites and home visits

  9. Reliability – Offer the longest manufacturing warranties in the market

  10. Make better hearing affordable


How We Guarantee Success
How We Guarantee Success


Our Exclusive “Hear For Life Programme” carries some significant benefits

  • Patients get better outcomes both in the short term and in the long term

  • 100 day full money back guarantee on all hearing devices

  • 5 year manufacturer warranty on hearing devices

  • Unlimited ear hygiene appointments using microsuction earwax removal

  • 5 year batteries for your hearing devices

  • Full use of our exclusive SoundLounge rooms in our Centre’s of Excellence 

  • Patients save thousands of pounds by helping them make the right buying decision for their exact situation – this saves them having to re-purchase early in the lifecycle of their hearing devices

  • 98% of all patients who go into and follow through the steps outlined in the “Hear For Life Programme” achieve success rated as great or outstanding

  • We use the latest technologies in our testing, fitting and follow up sessions to ensure you achieve maximum benefit for your hearing situation

  • Patients can come to see our specialists free of charge for the entire life of their hearing devices irrespective of age

  • Interest free payment terms

  • Over 20,000 happy patients since “hear for life” began to take shape

How we achieve success - our extraordinary patient journey "Hear For Life"
How we achieve success – our extraordinary patient journey “Hear For Life”

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