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Meet the team

Meet the team at The Hearing Clinic UK

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Managing Director for the hearing clinic uk

Steve Fleming

Managing Director | Across all locations

Chris Stone

Audiologist and Owner | Glasgow and Milngavie

Nicola Hoey

Wax Technician | Glasgow

Melissa Dickie

Lead Receptionist | Glasgow

Team imagery

Ryan Reid

Audiologist | Glasgow

Staff Image

Lorraine Georgariou

Wax Technician | Glasgow, Edinburgh and Spiersbridge

Gillian Davis

Contact Centre Manager | Glasgow

Pamela Faichney

Patient Coordinator | Glasgow

Staff imagery

Claire Baker

Audiologist | Glasgow and Spiersbridge

staff imagery

Beth Mullen

Patient Coordinator | Glasgow

image of audiologist staff member

Tony Metcalfe

Audiologist | Cleckheaton and Harrogate

team member photo

Joanne Metcalfe

Wax Technician | Cleckheaton and Harrogate

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