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It can be a scary thing to realise that you are suffering from hearing loss. Many people leave their Hearing Loss Untreated. The experts at The Hearing Clinic UK have seen many, many patients, and they are adept at not only diagnosing the problem and treating it, but in calming people too. They are the people to go to if you need advice and help.

Yet this doesn’t always mean that people will want to admit that there is a problem. Whether through pride, fear, or some combination of feelings and issues that can’t really be explained, they put off going to see a hearing specialist. This, however, can have far-reaching consequences.

Senior Friends Enjoying Time OutdoorsIt won’t get better

If you leave hearing loss untreated, in the majority of cases it won’t get better all by itself, and in a lot of the time it will simply get worse without treatment. This will have an impact on your life in general, and will mean that there are things you can no longer do. You won’t be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

Leaving your hearing loss untreated affects your brain

Even if you’re not worried about enjoying every aspect of your life fully – including being able to hear everything – the fact that research has shown that hearing problems directly link to brain atrophy should be alarming. This means that areas of the brain will shrink, and that will make your hearing loss worse. It can also mean that language skills begin to be lost, and you might not be able to comprehend speech as well as you once did. You might not be able to speak yourself.


Untreated hearing loss can cause people to become isolated from their friends and family. They might choose to stay at home rather than go somewhere where they know they won’t be able to pick out what their loved ones are saying. They may put off applying for jobs because they know the interview process will be too difficult. Relationships can be damaged and loneliness can become a real problem if hearing loss is left untreated.

Productivity and Income

Finally, jobs are hard to come by. As mentioned above, hearing loss can prevent some people from applying in the first place, but if you already have a job then it can also mean that you end up being a lot less productive than you might otherwise be. Not hearing the phone or being able to engage in conversations is a real drawback and can cause bigger problems, not least of which is your income. Plus, you need to be safe at work – hearing loss in some workplaces can be why accidents occur.

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