Or better yet how many times have you said those words?

We all have the ability to zone out, maybe a stressful day has our brain fried, or our thoughts are consumed with mentally compiling our shopping list. While our minds are otherwise engaged it can be easy to miss our partners telling us about their day or our children confessing their worries. We remain in our little bubble until the inevitable “You’re not listening to me!”

This abrupt scolding returns us to reality, we abandon our shopping list halfway through writing “wine and chocolate” and we aim to be more present.On the opposite side of the scenario when we are the ones doing the scolding, we are told not to take it personally. Your mom is busy, your dad has had a long day, your friend has a lot on her mind; all excuses that allow us to simply move on without ever considering the deeper reasons for their tuning out.

I recently read an article titled “10 reasons why they aren’t listening to you” and throughout this exhaustive list not once was hearing loss mentioned. Not once did this article consider there could be a bigger issue. The most common signs of hearing loss are the everyday things we brush off. Things like turning up the volume on the TV excessively, avoiding phone calls and struggling with conversation.

The next time you are regaling your loved one with the tales of your day and you notice they aren’t paying attention, take your time to assess whether they are struggling with their hearing before you accuse them of not listening to you.

The biggest step in the hearing loss journey is admitting there is a problem in the first place. Hearing loss can have a hugely detrimental effect on those suffering with the loss, but it can also have a negative effect on their loved ones. When we struggle to hear we can feel embarrassed, ashamed and excluded. Yet when we feel ignored, we can feel unworthy and lonely. When we are dealing with hearing loss it’s important to be open and honest about the issues you are facing. The bonds of family and friends are essential to making the journey towards better hearing a much easier road to navigate.

Often in the clinic we hear stories of hearing loss that very slowly appeared, starting with little things such as missing words here and there that became big things like entire conversations occurring with them none the wiser. Hearing loss is progressive, it doesn’t get better or go away on its own. We should never ignore the signs and much like we take care of our eyesight with yearly visits to the optician we should also prioritise our ear health.Don’t miss out on important conversations, visit the Hearing Clinic UK today and get a free hearing health check. Never be accused of not listening again.[uncode_block id=”58588″]

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