When you are diagnosed with hearing loss, you are sure to wonder what your options are. What should you think about? What happens next? One of the most important things to deal with will be determining which are the best hearing aids for you, if you have reached a stage where wearing one is necessary.

In the past, hearing aids were cumbersome things that, although helpful, were unwieldy and difficult to deal with. Today things have changed, and there are different types of hearing aids available meaning that you can choose the one that is going to work best for you. Here are just some of the types available that you might like to think about.

Which Are The Best Hearing Aids For Me?Technology

As with many things that used to be entirely manual, technology now plays a part in some hearing aids, ensuring that you get the very best out of them, and keeping your hearing as good as it can be.

Think of your smartphone and everything you can do with it. You might not realise it, but you can even control your hearing aid through it using an app. Or perhaps you might connect your hearing device to the Bluetooth in your home. You can then wear your hearing aid, set exactly to your requirements, easily changed (no ‘fiddling’) in an entirely discreet way.

Talking and Listening

You may have noticed how background noise can easily drown out what people are saying to you if they are not directly in front of you. This can cause difficulties when it comes to holding a conversation, and make work and homelife harder than they need to be, for example.

If you have a hearing aid that includes directions microphones, you will much more easily be able to turn into conversations around you, and not be distracted by background noise. No matter where you are, whether you are out in nature or in a noisy restaurant, or have music playing in the background, for example, this kind of hearing aid will help you to chat with friends and family.


Many people are self-conscious about their hearing aids, and won’t want the world to know that they suffer from hearing loss. Just a few years ago, this would have been difficult to hide, but today hearing aids are much more discreet.

Today’s hearing aids are tiny, designed to fit inside the ear canal in some cases so that they can’t be seen on the outside. If they are on the outside, you can choose colours and shades that will blend in with your natural hair and skin colouring.

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