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Hearing Aids

How They Can Help You

  • The Hearing Clinic UK offers over 4650 different types of hearing aids for hearing loss.
  • Hearing assessments and live listening experiences are offered free of charge when purchasing hearing aids.
  • Choose from Invisible, In Ear or Behind The Ear hearing aids.
  • Hearing shouldn't be a choice - it's a necessity which is why we keep our prices competitive and offer the best aftercare service available anywhere in the UK.
  • Flexible payment terms are also available up to 48 month with low rate interest through our finance partners.

How Hearing Aids Can Help You:

Multi Channel Hearing Aids

The more channels within the hearing aid the more the device can be fine-tuned to precisely match your hearing loss.

Ear to Ear Wireless Communication

This allows the devices to communicate and make sense of different sound environments and apply their features simultaneously to optimise the hearing experience.

Noise Reduction

Automatically recognises and reduces noise for more comfortable listening in loud environments.

Speech Enhancement

Pinpoints the sounds you want to hear and minimises those you don’t.

Directional Microphones

Locates sounds for a more natural listening experience.

Feedback Cancellation

Virtually eliminates buzzing and whistling.

Environment Identification

Sophisticated hearing technology identifies the listening environment you’re in and responds accordingly.

The technology within a hearing aid delivers an array of innovative features to deliver the most precise and natural hearing experience.

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The Latest Hearing

Technologies With The Hearing Clinic UK

These days, hearing aids are not the bulky, obvious, obtrusive pieces of kit that they used to be. Today, they are discreet, small, and most importantly, comfortable. No more are hearing aids an embarrassment, now you can wear a modern, ultra-precise aid that will give you the best in hearing technology to improve your day to day life.

And it’s not just about the size and comfort – today’s hearing aids are stylish and exciting; you can choose from a wide range of colours, shapes, styles, and types. Pick the hearing aid that suits you best; the one that matches your personality.

Why Visit The Hearing Clinic UK?

The Hearing Clinic UK understands that with all this choice, whilst wonderful, can be a little daunting. Especially with over 1,000 different different models of hearing aids to choose from. But that’s where our team of experts come in, they can help you work out exactly which fit, colour, and type is best for you.

Our hearing specialists are on hand to discuss all your options, with the aim of you coming away with the perfect hearing aid that will not only give you an enriched hearing experience, but will also be discreet and look as stylish as you are. The Hearing Clinic UK assessment consultations are free of charge, and once you have decided on your desired hearing device, you try the device for 100 days no quibble, and we back our recommendations with our industry leading 100 day money back guarantee.

Types of Hearing Aids

The Hearing Clinic UK Provide

Small Hearing Aids by The Hearing ClinicDigital

With the advent of digital sound quality, patients are able to experience significantly better sound quality. Digital hearing aids are embedded with computer chips to allow sound to be amplified at the specific frequencies where hearing loss has occurred. This enables our Hearing Professionals to customise the hearing aid to your unique listening needs resulting in a more realistic, natural hearing experience.


Beyond digital, this cutting-edge-science occurs at the molecular level to further enhance the listening experience and deliver more features than previously possible. Troublesome characteristics of older instruments like feed-back and sound artifacts are with this technology, a thing of the past. Other advantages include a seamless transition from one listening environment to the next, improved speech intelligibility, automatic activation to eliminate the need for manual adjustment and near-perfect feedback elimination.

Today’s hearing devices are highly sophisticated pockets of technology created from many years of research into the science of hearing.

Types Of Hearing Devices

The Hearing Clinic UK Offers

Hearing Aids - Behind The EarThe Discreet Choice – Behind The Ear

If you want your hearing aid to be almost invisible, opt for those that are worn behind the ear. Although they are tiny, they are full of power; you’ll receive high quality hearing due to the full customisable ear mould (or external receiver) and sound tube.

No matter how severe your hearing loss, this type of hearing aid will work for you.

Hearing Aids - In The EarThe Clever Touch – In The Ear

In The Ear (ITE) hearing aids are so small, and situated in such a way within the ear canal, that most people aren’t even able to spot them at all.

These units are ideal for those with light to moderate hearing loss, and being almost completely undetectable are the most requested type of device at The Hearing Clinic UK.

Hearing Aid

Client Testimonials

Hearing Aid Client Testimonials
  • The hearing health check helped me indentify why I was having so much trouble hearing the television. Mr Stone helped me to see that there was a portion of sounds that were outside of my hearing range, and he recommended that we look into it further. I cant believe I've lived with this for so long when it was so easy to identify and the end solution was so easy. - Mrs Castle, Giffnock
  • Admitting that I had an issue with my hearing was the hardest part, spending years denying that I had a problem was really the issue. After coming across The Hearing Clinic UK's website, I decided to go for a Free hearing assessment and a couple of weeks later I was fitted with some custom moulded devices that now allow me to hear everything. Its given me a new lease of life and made me feel years younger! - Mr Fletcher, Glasgow
  • Deciding to go to a private clinic for my hearing diagnostics was the best decision I have made. 2 Years later my devices are working perfectly and with the fantastic aftercare program, all I have to do is call up the clinic and they solve any issues that I may have, which honestly there has only been one issue, where I needed a small retune on my devices. - Mr Gould, Glasgow

Our Clients Are Important To Us

The Hearing Clinic UK aims to offer the best solutions for all types of hearing impairments. We encourage our clients to provide us with honest feedback about the services we offer. We were pleased to publish real client testimonials from our our clinics right across the United Kingdom.