At The Hearing Clinic UK, our audiologists and Hearcare Assistants love helping out every single person who walks through the door. They get a kick out of the different stories that come their way – whether it’s those puzzling cases of hearing loss that leave everyone scratching their heads or those tales of folks who didn’t even know they had options to improve their hearing. Here is a story from Stephen, one of our audiologists in Stirling:

It’s easy to see, as soon as you shout (yes shout!) Mary from the seating area it’s clear on her face that she’s already given up, already defeated and resigned to the “fact” that this is the best hearing she can have.

Wee Mary already having been to the NHS and every and any other clinic in town. Her family are desperate for her to get the best hearing and quality of life possible. I’m sure we’ve all seen it, she is only wearing one device, no idea the whistling and chirping aren’t the birds outside in the bushes, if she even hears them at all.

Wee Mary was told 50 years ago that there “could have” been a virus that affected her hearing and, back in her day the medication was nowhere near as good as it is today. This unfortunately for her, her friends and family, left her with single-sided deafness.

Since then, she has always had 1 single device, never been told of newer tech and always struggled with pinpointing “where that sound is coming from??”

CROS and BICROS systems help with that, giving that localisation back to that wee Mary we have seen in the clinic.

Now don’t get me wrong, they aren’t for everyone but that’s the beauty of The Hearing Clinic right? Demos! Granted, sometimes it works a treat and sometimes it doesn’t but at least we are giving the best options to help our patients.

In the past few months, I have successfully fitted 4 or 5 new patients coming into the clinic with the issue of single-sided deafness, having all previously been to other Hearing Aid Audiologists and not been offered the chance to even try.

So next time that wee Mary comes walking into the clinic with single-sided deafness just think, could that wee forgotten CROS system help?


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