The world of our Hearcare Assistants can be wild and wonderful – especially when a routine wax removal appointment shows some surprising and unexpected causes for the blockage. Here’s a story straight from Jo, one of our Hearcare Assistants:

I’m sure I’m not alone in having some interesting tales to tell from my early days of working with patients in a clinical setting. Those first few patients that you see without a mentor in the room, when the onus is completely on you to assess and administer the most appropriate treatment, are usually the ones you remember the most.

For me, it was a dark and windy day in Cleckheaton when a cheerful woman called Barbara arrived in my room. She had hearing aids from a well-known high street provider but had visited them for a review of her aids as they didn’t seem to be working as well as they should. The audiologist had looked in her ears and advised her that he couldn’t do anything until she was wax-free. Hence her visit to The Hearing Clinic UK.

Having taken a full history, I then carefully inserted the camera into her ear. There was certainly wax there but it didn’t look like the usual picture of wax. What was that very circular formation in the central area?

I know what I thought it was but could this have been missed by the audiologist who had first had a look? Luckily, Tony was free in the next room so after a hasty introduction he too had a look and confirmed what I thought; yes, there was a hearing aid dome sitting centrally in her ear canal. The offending dome was quickly dealt with and Barbara was so impressed that she decided to have a full assessment of her hearing with us and proceeded to purchase aids along with our full backup service. A happy day for everyone!


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