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NHS hearing aids OR Private… what’s the real difference???

When should I consider going through the NHS and when would private be better???

Great question!

which hearing aid? NHS or Private
which hearing aid? NHS or Private

We are often asked this question, and find it rather challenging to answer, but read on and ill explain the key differences.

let me first have you answer a few questions

  1. Are you asking people to repeat more often?
  2. Do you find it challenging when people speak quickly?
  3. Is the volume up louder on your TV?
  4. Are you ready to find a solution to your hearing problems?
  5. Do you have trouble hearing in company?
  6. Are you finding background noise interferes with sound and makes words hard to catch?
  7. Is it difficult to hear well in the car, (if you cant see the person speaking)?
  8. Do you pull out of conversations when in company?
  9. Have you tried hearing aids before but felt let down by their performance in background noise?
  10. Do you think your hearing aids should have been set up using the exact sound situations you struggle to hear in?
  11. Are you worried your hearing problems will require visibly noticeable hearing aids and would prefer something invisible?

if you answered YES to questions 1 – 4 and NO to the other questions (5- 11) then you should go through the NHS and speak to their team about your hearing problems as they have excellent solutions that will help you well.

If however you answered YES to any of the questions 5-11 then you should consider the private market as NHS solutions may struggle to offer you the improvement you are looking for.

A recent study into satisfaction found that patients who are either “so happy they would recommend their hearing aids to others” or “Very happy with their hearing aids” found that these patients had success in 80% or more of their areas of trouble.

Below this 80% scoring the other patients were mediocre, unhappy or not wearing their devices any more…. (what a terrible waste of time and money).


98% achieve success with their hearing aids through our exclusive "Hear For life Program"
98% achieve success with their hearing aids through our exclusive “Hear For life Program”


So how do we get great success… well I’d love to say its easy but actually there are lots of things to get right!

To help you and your hearing best we need to first understand it properly, this happens through our 11 step hearing assessment which not only looks at your ears but your lifestyle, your dexterity, your cosmetic preferences and any budget considerations that you may have.

Only once these are understood can we get to the best bit… finding out if there is a solution for you and all the situations you find challenging.

At the Hearing Clinic UK we are the only hearing care specialists that use full surround sound technology to assess if any potential hearing solution will help you in your exact problem areas.

Imagine sitting in the restaurant you have trouble in, and then having your new hearing aids tuned exactly as you need them… (before you leave the clinic).

Or how about having the hearing specialist switch on the difficult car noise you find so challenging… then balancing out the tone to lift the speak and reduce the annoying background noise.

“So I have hospital hearing aids, surely they are the best available… I was told there’s nothing better”

This all depends on your individual hearing situation and the solution you’ve been wearing. Its easiest answered by finding out for yourself… what I mean by that is that you will never know unless you look around and see what’s possible.

Remember there are providers and there are providers…

Which? magazine quotes….”Choosing the best hearing aid retailers makes a difference”

It’s crucial to choose a trusted retailer to ensure you optimise your chances of getting the best hearing aid solution for you.

The difference between a good and a bad hearing aid solution is not just in the aid itself. It’s more to do with the professional fit, follow up and aftercare service given by the provider.

It can take time to fit and adjust a hearing aid correctly so that it’s working to maximise your hearing. Without a patient and attentive fitting service, you could get frustrated and give up on your aid, consigning it to the back of a drawer forever.”

If you want to see if you are getting the best hearing back that you can, there’s no better way to find out than in the Sound Lounge.


The Sound Booth in Glasgow - The Hearing Clinic
Explore your hearing further with a unique SoundLounge experience at The Hearing Clinic UK


Come along and find out if you have more hearing ready to be restored with a FREE sound lounge session (normally £175).


Our friendly hearing care experts will assess your hearing and measure any hearing aids you currently have to see if you are receiving the maximum benefit possible.

If you are happy with your current solution but know of a friend, family member or loved one who may benefit please pass on this message!


Please call our team on 0333 320 7788 to arrange an exclusive Sound Lounge appointment



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