Resound Hearing Aid by The Hearing Clinic

A Hearing aid packs a huge amount of technology into very small packages.  And while our suppliers manufacture them using high quality materials, they can be relatively fragile and a good care regime is recommended.

For additional peace of mind, a comprehensive warranty provides an extra level of protection for what is often an essential lifeline for the wearer.

Small Hearing Aid by The Hearing ClinicHearing Aids have a finite lifecycle (normally around six years).  Regular cleaning and professional maintenance help to maximise this while ensuring more serious problems are avoided where possible.   But what happens when something does go badly wrong?  Well, here at The Hearing Clinic UK we have heard it all.  From pet chewing incidents and accidental dunking in a fish tank, to simple butter fingers and over inquisitive grandchildren.

Most manufacturers will offer a one year warranty which normally covers loss, damage, and general repairs, however, you should check this is in place before making any purchasing decision.  Once you have determined the scope of the manufacturer’s warranty, you can then make an informed choice as to whether you need the additional cover associated with your retailer’s extended warranty.  In most cases these will provide up to an additional two years’ cover.

All extended warranties will be different and it is important to understand what each includes before deciding if it fits your requirements.  As a minimum it should cover all manufacturer defects (including all internal electronics) as well as offering full repair or replacement in the case of damage resulting from an accident.  In this circumstance your cover should also include provision for a like for like temporary replacement.

Resound Hearing Aid by The Hearing Clinic

The Hearing Clinic UK is a completely independent retailer offering a wide variety of hearing aid solutions from some of the world’s best manufacturers.  Our world-leading rehabilitation programmes include provision for regular tuning and general maintenance of our patients’ hearing devices and we work hard to ensure every patient has a bespoke plan based around their lifestyle.For more information on our audiology services, our hearing aids and our warranties, contact us today.

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