85 year old Mary Buchanan has had her hearing amplified by The Hearing Clinic UK in Glasgow.
  • Mary has suffered progressive hearing loss for years. Like many women, she didn’t do anything about her hearing loss, and wondered whether there was something that could be done about it.
  • Tried National Health Service hearing aids and while they did make a relatively modest improvement, they didn’t amplify the sounds Mary wasn’t hearing.
  • After a recommendation by a friend to The Hearing Clinic UK, she had a consultation with one of our specialists.
  • Mary was fitted with Phonak Audeo V90’s, that after extensive tuning and audio analysis, have helped her to hear better again.

Mary Buchanan struggled to hear people properly. She found it hard to follow any kind of conversation, hear the television properly or indeed follow what was being said on the television properly.

“I’m wearing hearing aids, one in each ear, because to be in a crowd and not be able to hear is very isolating.” Mary did visit an NHS consultant before being recommended to The Hearing Clinic UK. “I did try National Health hearing aids but I wasn’t fully satisfied with them. And the National Health only gave me one hearing aid.” This solution wasn’t the best solution for Mary.

After being recommended to our services by a friend, who was a satisfied customer, Mary was pleased to find out there was a solution for her where both ears could be amplified. “This company decided that they would save my hearing in both ears and gave me two hearing aids.”

“I’m so much happier with the hearing aids I’ve got.” Mary was fitted with a pair of Phonak Audeo V90’s, which can be customised to the requirements that Mary’s hearing loss presented. “I’m a lot happier more confident about going into company, and socialising with friends.” Mary has the result she was looking for, and at a price that was affordable too.

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