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Your hearing health and your overall health are more closely related than you might be aware of

We use our hearing every day and, in every situation. We use it to keep us safe, to feel connected and we are constantly using it to interpret and understand the world around us.

When our hearing starts to deteriorate it is very common for those affected to start to become disconnected with the world around them, which can very quickly lead to social isolation and cognitive decline.

It is essential that we monitor our hearing for any signs of change in our hearing at all stages of our lives but especially as we get older. Thankfully for those suffering with hearing loss research has shown that people who wear hearing aids to treat their hearing loss significantly improve their quality of life.

Here are just a few ways hearing aids can improve your wellbeing:

Improved Social Connection
If you have struggled with hearing loss, you will know it can have a substantial impact on your social life. Noisy environments and crowds can be a place of anxiety rather than enjoyment. Thanks to advancements in technology, today’s hearing aids allow you to filter out background noises so that you hear what you want to hear. This in turn has a positive effect on your social connection and feelings of community.

Increased Confidence
If when you think about hearing aids you think of big, clunky, and unsightly gadgets this one might surprise you. Hearing aids are now small, concealable powerhouses that come in multiples colours and an array of features. Once you have been correctly fitted with hearing aids your confidence is quick to return, and as quite a few of our patients have told us, their wit is not far behind.

Stronger Communication
There is a saying: “If one person in the family has hearing loss, then we all have hearing loss”.

Not only do YOU feel the impact of your hearing loss but so do your friends and family. Difficulty hearing over the phone can mean it is harder to keep in touch with long-distance relatives or missing phone calls and doorbells entirely means you miss out on essential communication with your loved ones and so do they.

Enhanced Quality Of Life
Correctly fitted hearing aids that have been expertly tailored to your hearing loss provide the opportunity to hear all the sounds that mean the most to you. A laugh with friends, a conversation with your partner, your favourite song on the radio, or the roar of your favourite team scoring the winning goal are all sounds that we love to hear. Hearing aids allow you to enjoy these moments once more.

If you believe your hearing has changed or you have been struggling with hearing loss for some time visit one of our expert audiologists for a no-obligation, free of charge hearing health check and take back control of your life once more.

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