Common Mistakes when buying Hearing Aids – 2. Buying the feature and not the benefitThis is easily one of the biggest mistakes you can make when purchasing a hearing aid.Our industry is one of the worst perpetrators of beating you over the head with technical jargon to upsell you to devices which may or may not improve your hearing ability. Input/output compression, multiple channels, zoom and adaptive microphones, and many other “names” of features.

What do all of these features mean? Just because your hearing aid has zoom microphones doesn’t mean it’s the right device for you. It is perhaps, if you have trouble in background noise. This can assist in helping the device select what sounds to amplify and which to leave alone. Which gives a benefit to the user in a noisy situation. Click Here To Download Your Free E-bookBut if you don’t find yourself in these situations possible you paid for a feature that was not that important. Perhaps you would have been better served with a device that delivered a more relevant benefit to you. Many weak salespeople will be quick to spout off five or six features about the hearing aid you are considering. Then they will give you a price, and ask if you would like to purchase now. That is the game.

You need to keep this in mind – is the hearing aid salesperson matching the device to what YOU need?We do not view your hearing healthcare as a game. We encourage you to invest in yourself and make the most out of every day. Assessing your hearing needs and listen to what it is you need out of your hearing device. As we cover later in this guide, hearing aids are no longer just analogue or digital. Today, there is so much more to consider, which is why it is important to understand the benefit of the feature, and get the most benefit from each feature.If the salesperson you are working with is not able to communicate to you the benefit that each feature provides, run away from the store. The person in front of you is not a true hearing consultant and has simply memorized, at best, the features of each hearing aid he or she is presenting. Honestly, just read most of the signage in the catalogue you are looking at and you can do that job for them.

Your hearing aid specialist should be able to explain the feature and advantage of the feature. Then explain benefit of each and every hearing aid you are considering. After all, you don’t shop for a hearing aid often. Asking questions and identifying the features and benefits that fit you best is what we do. 

Think about what is actually important to your hearing, and make sure that those needs are addressed and explained by your hearing aid professional.Download your free e-book to find out more about the 7 common mistakes people make when purchasing hearing aids:[uncode_block id=”51138″ inside_column=”yes”]

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