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We do our best to make a huge impact to peoples’ lives by providing the latest technological advances to our patients, be that ear wax microsuction treatments, tinnitus treatments or our high-tech hearing devices that have all sorts of fancy features associated with them.

However, not everyone in the world has a chance to take advantage of these. A hearing device that allows a patient a simple amplification may seem pretty old in comparison to the most recent offering and while it may not be close in terms of quality, it will still go a long way to giving people back their hearing who couldn’t necessarily afford a new device.

Therefore, it is saddening to realise that these devices are often discarded into junk boxes and cupboards around the UK when they have the potential to change peoples’ lives. We operate a policy that provides all hearing aid purchasers £100 off when they trade in their old hearing aids.

We then take these 2nd hand hearing aids and have them re-conditioned allowing them to be re-used. By engaging in Charitable hearing aid work we can help the lives of others less fortunate. We gather the re-conditioned hearings aids together alongside others that have been donated by our hearing aid partners and take them to Zambia on bi-annual trips to dispense to those who need them most. We provide a great deal of support for the charity ENT for Zambia and have treated hundreds of people for hearing impairment.

How you can get involved in Charitable hearing aid work

Although we welcome you to get involved in the charity, we understand that there are only a limited number of audiologists who will get involved.

We believe that the best way for you to help out is to donate old hearing devices that you may have lying around, encourage friends to donate theirs and to take advantage of our trade-in offer so that you can upgrade your own sound while helping out at the same time.

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