If you have ever purchased hearing aids from an expert audiologist, you’ll have experienced the massive difference it makes to your life. Hearing aids don’t just help with your hearing. For many these tiny devices can be the answer to combatting the overwhelming loneliness and isolation hearing loss causes, they keep our brains active, and they make sure we are present for the most important moments in our lives.

However, like all technology there is no guarantee that your hearing aids will last forever and every couple of years you should book a reassessment with your audiologists for a fine tuning and discussion about whether your hearing aids are still the best option for you.

If you are considering upgrading there are a few things to consider:Hearing Device AgeTechnically speaking hearing aids can last anywhere from three to seven years and even longer in the right circumstances. How you take care of your devices, regular maintenance as well as make and model can have an affect on their lifespan. The four-year mark is usually when people start to notice the features of their devices start to decline. The reason for this decline is that the technology in your aids is no longer top of the line. General wear and tear, including build-up of dirt and grime can damage the hardware.

If you notice a decline in your hearing aids that could be related to the age of the equipment our expert audiologists are on hand to check over your devices, give them some TLC and provide you with honest advice about their capabilities.Your Hearing has Changed Unfortunately, our hearing has the potential to change or worsen over time and this can influence the impact of your hearing aids. If you feel your hearing has changed and your devices aren’t sounding as clear as they were previously, make sure to get in touch. Your audiologist will perform a hearing health check, look at your devices and listen to any concerns you may have.Your Lifestyle has ChangedWhen you visit an audiologist to discuss hearing aids the first thing they will want to know is where is your hearing most important to you. Is it during conference calls at work? When you’re socialising with friends? What about when you spend time with your grandkids?

Your lifestyle has a huge impact on the type of hearing aids that are right for you. If your lifestyle has changed from calm and tranquil to a new job in a noisy environment your hearing aids might not be the best choice anymore. Speak to your audiologist who can advise a possible tweak in your device settings or a better suited model.New Technology As with everything electrical, advancements in technology are always popping up. The advancements in hearing aid technology in the last couple of years have been particularly incredible. From Bluetooth hearings aids that allow you to go handsfree to hearing aids with 60+ hours of charge this new tech is very impressive.The Next StepsIf you would like to know more about the latest hearing aid releases and how they can improve your life speak to your audiologist who will be happy to help.[uncode_block id=”58588″]

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