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The first thing you might want to consider when thinking about hearing aid costs, is that there is a wide variation of styles, technology levels. When considering these important factors you should think about:

  • Your level of hearing loss – are you mildly, severely or profoundly deaf?
  • Integrated technologies – do you want your devices to communicate seamlessly with you mobile phone, television, or other devices?
  • Aftercare program – tune-ups and refitting of devices might be required depending on the type of hearing loss you have.
  • Personal requirements – the type of device, are you looking for a discreet, invisible solution or is an over-the-ear hearing aid good for you?
  • Accessories – these range greatly, and can further boost the usability of your hearing device(s).

Why Consider

The Cost Of A Digital Hearing Aid?

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A recent Which? survey concluded that costs can vary from between £500 and £7000 for a pair of digital hearing aids (current costs can be higher for top of the range systems). When comparing costs from different private retailers is difficult, as most sell packages with varying degrees of aftercare and follow-up services.

You should ensure your audiologist conducts a thorough ear examination and hearing test. This will determine your level of hearing loss and the most appropriate device(s) for your particular condition.

Make use of free trial periods and pay particular attention to how your audiologist proposes to ensure your device(s) are always optimised for maximum performance. It is important for you to have the correct hearing solution for the type of hearing loss you have.

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