A mother can come in many different forms and take on many different roles.

She might be the woman who gave birth to you and shares a genetic connection or maybe it’s the woman who raised and molded you into the person you are today – without the threads of genetics. It could even be the lady who took you under her wing when you first started that job and 6 years later you never miss a Sunday dinner.

At the Hearing Clinic UK we often see the mother and child relationship played out in different ways. We see nieces supporting their aunt at her first consultation, when she is finally ready to take the step towards a better quality of life. We see neighbours, who have always counted on the kindness next door, crack jokes in an effort to lighten the mood of what can be an anxious time. We’ve even seen grandsons crow at the possibilities of today’s hearing aids, Bluetooth? No way!

All of these encounters have one thing in common:  a reciprocation of the care that our mother figures have always shown us.

For many people their mum is a support system that never fails, she celebrates your triumphs and holds your hand through the losses. We view our mother’s as invincible, a caregiver who puts our needs above her own and never complains. For most people a simple phone call to their mum is all it takes to put their mind at ease, her voice a balm to their nerves. Now imagine for just one second, if you couldn’t hear that voice.

Hearing Loss and the depth of the problem can creep up on you, one day you miss a few words but take no notice and then suddenly you’re finding whole conversations difficult to grasp. In our clinics we often see people years after they first noticed their hearing had changed. They usually tell us they didn’t want to cause a fuss, that they were embarrassed and over time it became second nature to remove themselves from situations.

If there was one thing we could tell those people who worry what others might think or that they’re a burden to their loved ones it’s to not waste years of your life wishing things were different. The hard truth is you can’t get those years back and sometimes you can’t get your hearing back. Unfortunately we’ve sat with mothers and their children and had to explain the harrowing news that the damage is irreparable and there is nothing we can do. We’ve seen loved ones devastated that they didn’t push their mum to come sooner when they noticed the signs.

We implore you not to let that be the outcome, check on your mum’s hearing this mother’s day and keep an eye out for signs of hearing loss:

We might always need our mum’s but as they get older they need us too and sometimes all it takes is a little nudge in the right direction. At the Hearing Clinic UK we always recommend our clients come to their appointments with support so why not gift your mum our *pamper package this Mother’s Day and be there on her journey to a new lease of life.

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