For many, hearing loss often goes unnoticed until it becomes more severe. This is primarily because most types of hearing loss progress gradually over time. In many cases, it’s the family members or loved ones who first suggest seeing an audiologist, rather than the individuals themselves.

Here are some key indicators that it’s time to schedule a visit with your audiologist:

Increased TV Volume: Have you found yourself frequently reaching for the TV remote to turn up the volume, either more often than before or noticeably higher than those around you? This could be a significant sign of untreated hearing loss. Turning up the volume excessively to compensate for a loss in hearing can actually make the problem worse by potentially damaging the delicate cells in your ears.

Asking People To Repeat Themselves: Do you frequently ask people to repeat themselves, or do others often point out that you might be having trouble with your hearing? This is another important factor to consider when assessing hearing loss. You may not realize that your hearing is the root cause, as you might perceive louder sounds, like traffic noise, to be as loud as usual.

Difficulty Hearing Women And Children: Hearing difficulty can be especially pronounced when it comes to the voices of women and children. Their voices tend to have higher frequencies and lower volumes, making them harder to hear clearly for those with hearing loss. In contrast, deeper or male voices may still be easier to hear or sound as clear as before.

Tinnitus Awareness: Do you experience ringing, buzzing, or other noises that others can’t hear? This may be caused by tinnitus. While tinnitus can have various causes, such as temporary tinnitus after a concert, persistent or unexplained tinnitus could be related to underlying hearing loss.

It can sometimes be challenging to decide precisely when to see an audiologist. However, the best advice is to undergo regular hearing health check-ups, even if you haven’t noticed any issues or changes in your hearing. These routine checks can help identify any potential problems or losses early on and provide appropriate treatments or solutions.

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