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  • Up to 29% better speech recognition in noisy environments
  • Up to 35% reduction in size making devices very discreet
  • Clarity and comfort like never before
  • Fully rechargeable solutions so you never need to change batteries again
  • iPhone and Android compatibility to enhance your listening experience

Clearer hearing restores your confidence, rebuilds lost connections, and puts joy into being in company again.

“I told Chris from the start that I was going to be a difficult customer as I’d been disappointed not only with the NHS offering but also all the private clinics I had been to. I told him straight away about my goal, to hear music the way I really wanted to. And as a professional musician sound quality, fidelity and balance mean the world to me. It was so relieving to find out that he understood exactly what I was looking for and was able to deliver exactly what I wanted.”


“Walking out into the street I immediately felt that a huge grey cloud had lifted and I was suddenly in a world full of colour again! It was like I was walking through Barcelona or New York Times Square – the range and clarity was simply fantastic! It felt like I was hearing better than I ever have. Thanks so much!”


Douglas Walker, Professional Musician, Glasgow

"My wife says I’m too fussy, but the fact is I will only wear something that I really want and I know I have high demands. Between running a business and a busy social life I haven’t got time to put up with hearing aids that underperform at the times I need them most. That’s why my previous aids are sitting in the bedside drawer gathering dust. That, plus the fact that you could see them in my ears put me off wearing them."


"Now I don’t feel at all self-conscious because I know my new devices are totally invisible and the performance in terms of sound quality is leaps and bounds better than anything I’ve ever experienced. If you have problems with clarity of speech and don’t want to tell the world you are wearing hearing aids there is no better place to go than The Hearing Clinic UK – they managed the impossible with me and I’m extremely grateful for their service."


Jason Keating, Bearsden

Experience for yourself exactly what the latest systems can do. Visit one of our leading centres and one of the UK’s foremost precision Audiologists will walk you through just what makes them so special.

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    With the latest technology

    We can restore much more hearing capacity and put you back in control.

    We go to extremes to pursue sound perfection. When you hear the results, you’ll understand why. We achieve our outstanding results by putting the patient first.

    “When the The Hearing Clinic UK called me to find out how I was getting along I took the call direct from my iPhone in the middle of a busy restaurant and heard every word. The benefit hasn’t just been felt by me though, my family and friends are simply amazed at how much better it is for us all now that I can take part.”


    Sandra McCallum, East Kilbride

    "Suffering from hearing loss from birth has always caused me problems. I lead a very busy lifestyle and with 4 children, I have to be able to hear clearly. Thanks to The Hearing Clinic UK, I can now hear great again. Would I recommend The Hearing Clinic UK? Absolutely, without question."


    Glen - Glasgow