The Hearing Clinic UK recently provided some specialist hearing care to a patient who was suffering with Ushers Syndrome. This progressive condition affects both the sufferers hearing and sight, and to date there is no cure. This causes considerable difficulty with mobility and communication and in effect can lead to isolation and depression.

With many sufferers using hearing aids or cochlear implants to access sound, the Molly Watt Trust  approached The Hearing Clinic UK to help a specific patient with unique hearing needs.

The use of the latest hearing technologies affords the Usher Community to access the world, combined with help with their sight. The Hearing Clinic UK is pleased to assist sufferers of this rare disorder, and provide five star quality hearing healthcare.

After a full hearing assessment with Chris Stone, Senior Audiologist with The Hearing Clinic UK Colin was fitted with a set of GN Resound hearing aid devices. These devices as seen in the video below, drastically improved his ability to hear clearly, and communicate better.

With premium hearing aid technology, patients suffering with difficult hearing loss can be helped by our team of experienced audiologists.”Molly and I would like to thank you all for being an important  part of our case study project. Yesterday was amazing for so many reasons but in the main we have a very happy gentleman. Chris, thank you for allowing us to take over your surgery and to probably drive you mad filming and taking pictures all of which we are using to promote you, GN and our project.”The Molly Watt TrustThe Molly Watt Trust was set up to raise awareness of Ushers Syndrome, a rare genetic condition which was discovered by Scottish Ophthalmologist Charles Usher back in 1914 it causes both Deafness and Retinitus Pigmentosa (a form of blindness).Learn More

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