Lyric Training Day at The Hearing Clinic UK

At The Hearing Clinic UK, we are committed to staying up-to-date with the rapidly evolving hearing aid industry. As technology continues to advance and our understanding of hearing loss progresses, we recognize the importance of continuous learning to provide our patients with the highest quality service possible.

Our dedication to education includes ongoing training for our staff on new devices and regular refresher courses. Recently, we welcomed Sonova to our Glasgow City Centre Clinic to provide our staff with top-of-the-line Lyric training. This training enables us to offer our patients the best technology and services available.

Lyric is a revolutionary 24/7 hearing device that is completely invisible and designed to be worn for months at a time, providing wearers with freedom and better hearing. We believe that the key to confidence is practice, which some of our team attended this re-training session. This gave them the opportunity to not only refresh their skills but also increase their confidence when handling and installing Lyric devices.

We take pride in providing a supportive atmosphere for our staff to progress and develop their skills. Being part of our team means having access to industry-leading experts and opportunities for professional growth. Our commitment to education and training ensures that we can continue to offer the highest quality service to our patients

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