Chris and Jean

Chris and Jean

Everyone relies upon their hearing to continue their daily lives, but what happens when this sense is suddenly taken away from you?

That is exactly what happened to Jean. Strolling through town, she was barged into by a group of boys. One of whom, hit her and knocked out her hearing aid while another tread on it. While nothing was stolen, she had indeed lost something far more valuable – her hearing.

Losing something of value

Looking down, she saw the hearing aid in pieces. Unable to hear anything but murmurs, she sought out help. Her usual hearing care provider was not open and Jean didn’t know what to do.

Luckily though, she began asking passers-by if they knew someone that could help and soon found us on Bath Street. Although he had a near-full diary for his Saturday schedule, Chris managed to fit her in and attempted to repair her device through his knowledge of mechatronics and his experience of running a hearing device service station, but to no avail. The damage to the hearing device was irreparable.

What could be done now? Jean’s hearing loss was profound, her device was broken, and she had nobody else to turn to. A terrible ordeal.

When things started to look up

Chris asked Jean to wait in the patient room while he thought of a solution. Then it came to him, only a week before, a patient had traded in their device to a more advanced version that let them hear at the best possible level.

While Jean’s original device was very old, Chris felt that this trade-in would likely do a better job.

Returning to the patient room, Chris called on Jean: “I have something for you”.

Jean took a seat in the treatment room.

After considering the shape of her ears to make the fitting most comfortable, Chris fitted the device.

At this moment, she was taken aback by the help she had received, but the process was not over yet. Chris began to tune the device to the frequencies that she was missing, restoring her to hearing to more normal levels.

Joy and Amazement

She sat back in amazement. Her eyes welling up again, this time not from sadness or dismay, but from joy.

Thankful for everything that we were able to do, Jean left our clinic able to hear even better than before.

This story highlights something about us, our patients and our staff. We care deeply and personally for those who need us. Jean was able to hear again because the trade-in scheme we offer allows people who can afford the best hearing devices to put their old ones to better use.

Thank you for reading.

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