There are plenty of myths and misconceptions when it comes to hearing loss, and trust us, we’ve heard them all, here are some of the most common ones:

Myth 1: Only the elderly experience hearing loss
We can experience hearing loss at any stage of our lives, and it is most certainly not something only elderly people experience. Although age is a factor in hearing loss, the volume of music through our headphones or sometimes even our work environment can also have detrimental effects on our hearing health.

Not to mention the countless other factors. It is important that from the age of 60 we get our hearing health checked yearly, as we would our eyesight. It is also important that at all stages of life we keep our music and TV volume at reasonable levels and make every effort to protect our ears.

Myth 2: Hearing loss only affects your hearing
Studies have proven that untreated hearing loss can also increase your risk of cognitive decline and diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. It can also lead to social isolation and depression. Described as the ‘cognitive load’ – the constant effort to understand what is being said puts great pressure on the brain.

This pressure can take away resources that our brain would otherwise use, such as short-term memory and other essential functions. You can read more about the affect hearing loss has here. Breakthrough in research has found that hearing aids can help to reverse or prevent the cognitive decline linked with hearing loss.

Myth 3: Hearing aids are ugly and old fashioned
This is one we hear a lot in the clinic, usually when a patient visits us for the first time, they come with a head full of preconceived opinions. When they think of hearing aids, they see big clunky, unsightly plastic equipment, which most of the time was nothing but a hindrance. Then we show them our hearing aids.

Technology has advanced greatly, hearing aids are now sleek, powerhouses that will stop any preconceived notions dead in their tracks. The hearing devices of today are built for every kind of hearing loss and with expert audiologists these hearing aids can be tailored to your needs. You can even choose what colour you want! Need we say more?

Myth 4: Hearing aids will make everything uncomfortably loud
Yes, they will…if they are fitted incorrectly hearing aids will make everything sound too loud. This is where we come in. To experience your hearing at its best, the most important thing is not volume, it is clarity. It does not matter how loud something is, if it is not clear, it is nothing but a nuisance.

If you find you are taking your hearing aids off so that you can answer the phone or because you feel better without them, visit The Hearing Clinic UK. After a free hearing health check, we can provide a free, no obligation hearing aid trial and you will see exactly what we are talking about when we say clarity is king.

Myth 5: I can ignore mild hearing loss
You should never ignore hearing loss. Hearing loss is your body alerting you to a problem and it should always be checked. On average most people wait seven to ten years from the onset of hearing loss before they admit there is an issue.

This can mean further loss of hearing and potentially create a problem that cannot be treated. Make sure you take care of your ears so they are in tip-top shape for the moments that matter most.

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