Work has been completed on our new clinical location at First Floor, 24 St. Vincent Place and we are delighted to announce that The Hearing Clinic UK’s flagship Glasgow location is now fully open.

This ambitious project, which has the aim to provide the best clinical audiology environment in the UK; has been achieved. The first customers that have visited and experienced our new clinical location in Glasgow have been impressed with the new facilities.

Our New SoundLounge (thanks to our unique partnership with Linn HiFi) provides the best facility to see how your hearing devices can work, and for us to optimise your hearing experience. We invite you to come and experience this unique facility.

Managing director Chris Stone said: “We are extremely excited to unveil our new clinical location in Glasgow. This new world class clinical location will provide our patients with the very best treatment options for their hearing.

This is a real milestone in the growth of The Hearing Clinic UK and will be used as a training centre for our new business partners as we help grow the business out from central Scotland across the UK.”

The Hearing Clinic UK – GlasgowFirst floor,
24 St Vincent Place,
Glasgow, G1 2EUClinic Phone Number0333 320 7788

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