Hearing care in the community has always been at the forefront of The Hearing Clinic UK’s ethos. Recently Martin stepped out of his clinic to go visit a friend who has been a patient with the Hearing Clinic UK for many years. Amy was getting a routine hearing health check and her hearing aids serviced just in time for her 103rd birthday celebrations!!

Happy Birthday Amy, you are an inspiration to us all!!

Our consultant Martin thoroughly enjoyed his visit and is already looking forward to the next appointment with Amy.During a 5 star aftercare appointment, the services include:Step 1

  1. Otoscopy (ear examination)
  2. Wax management/removal

Step 2 Hearing Aid Performance Evaluation

  1. Listen to Sound Quality
  2. Inspect/Replace Filter
  3. Inspect/Replace Tubing
  4. Inspect/Replace Domes
  5. Inspect/Replace Contacts
  6. Inspect/Clean Microphones
  7. Inspect/Clean Receivers
  8. Circuit Check
  9. Check Programming

Step 3

  1. Ensure patient is happy
  2. Book next appointment

We care about providing excellent¬†hearing care in the community. Contact The Hearing Clinic UK today to find out more about our 5* services:[uncode_block id=”48959″ inside_column=”yes”]

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