Trevor Herrington Hearing Aid Testimonial
  • Trevor suffered for years with profound hearing issues. Like many people he didn’t think there was a solution to his hearing loss.
  • Came to The Hearing Clinic UK, and after a consultation with one of our specialists, was fitted with ReSound hearing devices.
  • Trevor has been astounded by the results of the switch to these devices, which have allowed him to hear properly again.

Trevor Herrington has long wondered why he couldn’t hear properly. After living with his hearing loss for a number of years, he decided to try NHS hearing aids. He wasn’t satisfied with the results that were being realised, so decided to investigate independent hearing aid dispensers and came across The Hearing Clinic UK.

“I struggled over the past 15 years to cope with hearing loss. So I decided to do something about it.” Trevor was paired with one of our most popular hearing products, the ReSound LiNX 9 hearing devices, which work fantastically to specifically amplify the areas of hearing loss Trevor is suffering from.

“It gets you back in the conversation, it allows you to participate with what’s going on, you don’t feel excluded anymore. And for people in the same situation I was in, get to The Hearing Clinic UK, get your ears tested and get yourself fitted with the devices that suits your needs.”

Trevor is very happy with the results from his ReSound devices. They are easy to use, easy to configure and can also be hooked up to an iPhone or similar device to give the user a wider range of functionality to control the hearing devices.

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