The Hearing Clinic UK Client Dick McFarlane
  • Dick has always been very active, but noticed a noticeable deterioration in his hearing.
  • After trying other solutions, including NHS hearing aids he decided to find a reputable, independent hearing clinic.
  • After coming to The Hearing Clinic UK, Dick was fitted with ReSound hearing devices which are completely iPhone compatible and offer superior sound amplification.
  • Dick is very pleased with the results from his ReSound devices, which have allowed him to hear properly again.

The Hearing Clinic UK patient Dick McFarlane has spent years suffering from deteriorating hearing. Being very active, into performing music, and generally enjoying life as he has now retired he noticed the hearing difficulties were starting to mount up.

“I couldn’t hear properly what people were saying to me, and when I was playing my new, expensive guitar it sounded terrible to me, which I couldn’t quite understand.” So Dick decided to do something about the hearing issues he was experiencing.

“I didn’t want to be the old guy at the back of the room with the big hearing aids.” This aesthetic worry for Dick about what he saw other hearing aid wearers wear worried him. But after coming to our clinic in Glasgow, Dick discovered there are smaller, more technologically advanced hearing devices available today.

“I’m a technical person at heart so it was great for Chris to show me all the facts on the screen. He showed me it was my high frequency hearing that was damaged and it could be amplified so I could hear better.”

Dick was fitted with ReSound LiNX hearing devices, which he can also link up to his iPhone, so that he can control the hearing aids to work better in certain, more complex hearing situations.

There are other benefits to his hearing aids too. “Whilst waiting for my consultation today, I was sitting there watching the tennis semi-final on my phone, with the audio going directly to my ears. Thats really cool for me to do!”

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