The Sound Booth in Glasgow - The Hearing Clinic

We are happy to announce several great updates to our clinic! read on to find out more…..

Ear Wax MicroSuctionThe Sound Booth in Glasgow - The Hearing Clinic


We have just welcomed our latest addition to our clinical team and he has hit the ground running!

Callum Jackson has an outstanding background in hearing aid audiology from working at the ground breaking Yorkhill Hospital for Sick Children, and also the worlds leading hearing aid manufacturer GN ReSound.

He is passionate about his practice and the patients have been extremely impressed not just with his bedside manner but his deep technical expertise!

We are sure you’ll love him and he will be more than happy to see you if you pop in to our Bath Street Clinic!

The SOUND LOUNGE experience! unique to Scotland!

Delve into a wonderful new world of sound at our newly kitted out hearing clinics.

How do you know exactly how well your new devices will perform in the most challenging environments…. simple, you have to visit them and assess for yourself. what if you cant manage to get to your favourite restaurant easily….. bring it indoors to the sound lounge and we will check and adjust your devices to their peak performance.

The feedback has been exceptional. We often fine tune and adjust many patients’ systems and the changes are often startling. Come and experience The Sound Lounge, it’s available to anyone and is, as always, FREE for our “hear for life” patients to have their hearing and system expertly calibrated.

For a FREE assessment and of your existing system, or to experience the incredible new technology available now call our team on 0333 320 7788 To take advantage of Scotland’s first Sound Lounge!

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