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Do you remember the days when the mobile phone came out?

It was this big clunky thing that looked a lot like a brick…

Seriously, it really did!

The advantages that these mobile devices brought them were tremendous at the time – being able to talk to your friends and family from anywhere. It was a bit of a revolution. BUT, and it’s a pretty big but, they looked dreadful. I mean, really awful. That’s why they didn’t take off all of a sudden.

Nowadays though, as technology has advanced, mobile phones have gotten a lot smaller and sleeker – well, let’s just say most designs. The point is though that these are now mass market because they look good, they do what they need to (plus a lot more) and they make peoples’ lives much more pleasant and efficient. Now that this technology has reached the advanced level, it leaves little place to go – it can get slightly smoother or faster, but each year the products tend to be quite similar.

Although the mobile phone revolution may have settled, there is a new series of device that is making incredible headway in the lifestyle market – the hearing aid.

The name itself is where a bit problematic in itself. ‘Hearing Aid’ – I need help with my hearing. Let’s think back to the mobile phone. Did we ever call it the mobile communication aid? No. It’s just your mobile. Alas,’ Hearing aid’ is the name that stuck and is most widely recognised by everyone. However, we see it as so much more.

At The Hearing Clinic UK, we have been part of the revolution of hearing aids for over 60 years. It’s crazy that it’s been that hearing canlong. My grandpa, Bert started offering hearing services in 1958 and the kind of devices he had in stock were, to be frank, BRICKS.  People had to literally wear the microphone around their waist in order to pickup sounds, and the receiver (the part that goes in your ear) wasn’t much better either.

Now though, the revolution is well and truly upon us. Hearing devices are now slick – most, you can barely see; the quality of sound is superior and there are features that can be added that make your experience futuristic. You can even link your hearing device to your mobile phone wirelessly to process your calls. The best bit about this is that because your hearing device includes a microphone and a receiver already, the sound component of the call can all be processed through the hearing device.

Not only that, but the level of service that is available has completely changed. Would you expect a full consultation with an audiologist, a cup of coffee and luxury chocolates while you discuss your needs? This is the future.

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