What Types of Hearing Loss Can The Hearing Clinic Uk Treat?

Common Mistakes when buying hearing aids – 6. Forgetting that long term benefits require regular check up’sUnlike glasses, hearing aids are adjustable so when your hearing changes, which it is most likely to do throughout the lifespan of the hearing aids – you don’t require to purchase new devices every time.Your hearing aids are programmable and also serviceable so should last you and serve you for many years. 

A worrying trend with many hearing aid retailers is to stack ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap. This encourages you to upgrade every year or two. This is an often unnecessary expense as hearing aids should last between 4 – 6 years. 

Some patients look after them so well that they last much longer and we would always recommend routine check-ups (once every 6 months) to ensure that your aids give you the best service they can. 

Its also important that your hearing levels are rechecked at least once a year and your aids are reprogrammed to accommodate for any changes.

This will ensure that you get the very best from your hearing devices at all times. Download your free e-book to find out more about the 7 common mistakes people make when purchasing hearing aids:[uncode_block id=”51138″ inside_column=”yes”]

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