If you have hearing problems the issue could be a build up of wax inside. You might automatically assume that ear syringing is the answer, and you could ask your doctor to organise the procedure for you.

Ear Syringing Unsafe And Doesn’t Work, Health Chiefs Warn

Research by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

However, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have determined that manual ear syringing, in which a large syringe is inserted and water is pumped manually into the ear canal, is unsafe as it can cause permanent damage to the ear. Plus, it isn’t even thought to be that effective.

An alternative procedure has been recommended.

This is the use of an electronic irrigator. This is a better solution since the pressure can be regulated and kept at a safer level. This is what should be provided at doctor’s surgeries and clinics since the risk of permanent damage is greatly reduced.

Another method that is recommended over ear syringing is microsuction, after which the wax is manually removed. Ideally, eardrops should be used up to five days before the procedure is carried out to ensure that the wax is soft and easier to remove.

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