Hearing aids of the past were often a point of frustration when we took phone calls. Often, they would struggle to correctly pick up the audio and this would result in us removing them from our ears and often forgetting to return them after the call had ended.

Modern Bluetooth hearing aids have built-in technology to stream high-quality audio from Bluetooth compatible devices. Bluetooth hearing aids often come with other high-tech options, including directional microphones, tinnitus relief and noise cancellation.

If you listen to audio on several different devices, then a Bluetooth hearing aid is a great option for you.

What are the top 3 Bluetooth Hearing Aid Devices currently?

What to Consider when choosing a Bluetooth Hearing AidWhen determining which Bluetooth hearing aids are the best, your audiologist will carefully consider a range of features such as the audio quality, the value you will receive from the device, comfort, customizability, battery life, tinnitus relief and additional features. The models we have chosen here will fit a wide range of budgets and come in a variety of styles.Phonak ParadiseThe Phonak Paradise Bluetooth hearing aid was built in the foundations of the runaway success that is the Phonak Marvel. However, the paradise stepped its game up by adding in multi device connectivity, meaning you can link to your mobile, laptop and tablet all at the same time.

Another impressive aspect of this Bluetooth hearing aid is it can be used as a hands-free earpiece when making or receiving calls – meaning you no longer search for your phone when it is ringing, you can either tap the button at the side of your hearing aid or double tap the housing device and chat to your hearts content.Phonak MarvelThe Phonak Marvel Bluetooth hearing aid is the original Bluetooth device, highly praised for its ability to connect to both Apple and Android devices. This small piece of mighty technology is available in a range of styles from in the canal devices to impressive behind the ear options.

The perfect aid for those on the move or looking to connect with ease. Both the device’s microphone and speaker are built into the hearing aid so you can simply answer your call with the press of a button, without your phone in sight.Signia XperienceThe next Bluetooth hearing aid on our list is this prime contender and part of the Signia X family. This device arrived on the market with a new, sleeker look due to Signia’s redesign. A durable device with excellent sound quality and clear, detailed speech recognition, Signia have reinforced their reputation for reliability.

An added perk of the Signia Xperience is its highly popular app. Praised for its ease of use and intuitive user experience the app is home to the Signia Assistant and TeleCare support, meaning you are always just a step away from the support you need.The Next StepsTechnology has made incredible advances and Bluetooth Hearing Aids are just the tip of the iceberg. The popular Phonak TV Connector which allows you to stream the audio from your TV to your Bluetooth hearing aids without affecting the volume for others watching is also a huge draw for those struggling with hearing loss.

If you are interested in purchasing a Bluetooth Hearing Aid the first thing you should do is discuss your needs with an audiologist to make sure you get the best device for you.[uncode_block id=”58588″]

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